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How to measure for your new awning...

Want a new awning but can't figure out what will fit your caravan? Well we have simplified how to measure your caravan so you pick the right awning.

Caravan Awning MeasurementsGone are the days where you have to measure the entire tracking size around your caravan. All you need to know know is your caravan height. Once you know the height of your caravan you can then easily select what awnings will fit your van. 

Worried bout the width size? This is again very simple, just make sure the awning width is no bigger than the width of your van. 

The awnings on our website all list what caravan heights they will work with.

For example the Kampa Ace Air Pro states - "Suitable for caravans with a rail height of  235 - 250 cm." 

When shopping with Camping World we like to make things that bit easier for our customers so we have listed the awnings by rail height so you can easily filter down a long list of awnings to a select few that WILL fit your caravan. This will be found under the RAIL TYPE option. This can easily be filtered down using our mobile site by selecting FILTER and RAIL TYPE.

We sell a great range of awnings for caravans, motorhomes and campervans fromt he biggest awning brands including Kampa, Outwell and Outdoor Revolution.