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Camping with your dog...

Camping with dogs

Now if you anything like me your dog goes everywhere with you. So a camping trip away is no exception. I think the first time we went away with our dog we had quite a few reservations as to how it would all work out so we are putting this blog together to try and alleviate some of these worries.

Now picking a campsite is probably the first thing that you need to sort and to make sure its dog friendly. I have listed some of the campsites we have been to that have been tried and tested.

  • Westland Farm, Devon
  • Farrs Meadow, Dorset
  • Butt Farm, East Riding of Yorkshire
  • Walton West Campsite, Pembrokeshire
  • Wookey Farm, Somerset

You've got to think this is a holiday for your dog too so finding a perfect location is key as dogs love the great outdoors as much as we do :)

Please be aware that most campsites that allow dogs will have some rules to follow, for example your dog may have to be on a lead with in the campsite at all times. Also please check local beaches etc have not banned dogs from certain parts of the beach as we had this before and was an absolute nightmare to find a part of the beach where our dog could run around and chase the waves.

A few tips if you are planning on camping with your pooch are:

  • Bring plenty of blankets, poo bags and towels
  • Make sure you have a collar with your contact number on
  • Make sure you dont forget there dog food and bring a large bottle of water if your campsite doesnt supply it
  • Bring their dog bed or blanket or if they are crate trained bring that along for bedtimes
  • A sturdy dog tether is always handy whilst camping so you can cook in peace with out your dof trying to eat your dinner before you do

Top Dog Walks

When booking my camping trip I cam across this fantastic website that showed us some great dog walks in that local area. Which if you anything like me thats the last of your worries planning where you are going to walk your dog. So this website really helped me.

Dog Accessories

At Camping World we have started selling a few Regatta dog accessories. This area of the site will expand as more and more people are taking their dog away with them. See all dog accessories.

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