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Bring Camping Home!

We know how hard it can be keeping kids entertained. You don’t want to stick them in front of a screen all day, but you also don’t want them to get bored – and, let’s be honest, no one’s multitasking abilities stretch to playing with the kids, and doing the housework, and cooking dinner, and looking after pets and… you get it.

With Spring bringing the better weather, you want them to be outside, getting their exercise and fresh air - which, of course, is easier said than done in these uncertain times. So, why not not set up your own little campsite in your back garden?

Here at Camping World, we have a range of gear made to give your little ones the full experience – and you can recreate it in your backyard.



We have plenty of tents on offer, so you can explore the full range for yourself - really, it’ll depend on how many people you want to fit in there. However, for this occasion, we recommend a pop up tent.

They’re relatively inexpensive, easy to put up and put away*, and can be pretty spacious.

Regatta have some impressive tents and the Malawi 2 Pop Up Tent boasts a pitching times of just two seconds.


Similarly, we have a few Easy Camp pop up tents to offer on the site, too. The Easy Camp Ocean Pop Up Shelter is just £19.99 and, like the Regatta's above, is a firm favourite amongst our customers.

*Check out our blog on Folding Away A Pop Up Tent!


Sleeping Bags

We offer several children's sleeping bags in a variety of colours. For the slightly younger, the Kampa Children's Sleeping Bag has these fun patterns to choose from!

Others, like the Sprayway Comfort 300 Junior Sleeping Bag, have a more mature look. It's 160cm in length, but is perfect for children of any age and it comes in three fits. This particular one provides extra comfort and warmth with the hood, too.

If you're looking for adult sleeping bags, just like juniro version, the Sprayway Comfort 300 Sleeping Bag is a common favourite on our site, along with the Outwell Campion Lux Sleeping Bag. The Campion is affordable, comfortable, and even has a handy little pocket inside!



Toys & Games

Camping or not, this section will give you all hours of fun in the garden!

We have too many favourites to mention, so we definitely think you should have a look for yourself, but here are some special mentions:

For those extra sunny days, Toyrific have a fun range of water guns to choose from, ranging from the Splash Attack 17cm Water Pistol up to the Toyrific Splash Attack 58cm Pump Action Water Gun.

Toyrific Splash Attack 17cm Water Pistol              Toyrific Splash Attack 58cm Pump Action Water Gun  - Click to view a larger image

There are also some sports sets available like the Sportline Kick Golf set, the Powerplay Deluxe Size 5 Cricket Set, the Baseline Tennis Set, and much more!

Sportline Kick Golf  - Click to view a larger image Powerplay Deluxe Size 5 Cricket Set   - Click to view a larger image Baseline Tennis Set  - Click to view a larger image


Pools & Pool Accessories

We've seen some unusually warm weather in Britain over the past few weeks, and we're hoping there's plenty more where that came from, so we've stocked up on a few types and sizes of pools for you to choose from.

The Bestway 12' X 30 Fast Set Pool has space for all the family! There's also the smaller PMS Fishbowl Pool, and the Bestway Skill Shot Play Pool that allows you to have fun while you soak!


We also have some pool accessories such as the Bestway Fabric Covered Armbands, the Bestway Fashion Drinks Holder, the Bestway 20" Designer Beach Ball, and more!

    Bestway Floating Fashion Drink Drinks Cup Holders Boats Pool ...    

BBQs & Fire Pits

Along with a pool in this hot weather - why not a barbecue? We can't think of anything better than a barbecue in the garden on a hot day!

The Cadac Grillo Chef 2 BBQ/Chef Pan Dome Combo 2020 is a customer favourite. Alternatively, there's the Outwell Cazal Fire Pit (avaliable in both large and medium).



Aside from the items we've already listed, there's lots more new items to choose from aside from our usual tents, awnings, accessories etc. including outdoor furniture, garden accessories, and clothing!

Many of these feature in our Stay At Home sale that ends 23/04/2020 which you can find here, so why not head on over there and see if you can bag yourself a bargain!