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Make Your Adventure Exciting!

We’re all thinking about the day we can get back into our tents, and it’s only getting closer and closer.

But, what about when you’re there?

We’re in the midst of Spring, and the sun has started to shine, so why not get out there and make the most of it? Keep reading for our best ideas, advice, and recommendations…


Electric Bikes

The joy of cycling is that anyone can enjoy it. You can go out alone, with a friend or partner, or even the whole family.

At Camping World, we have some amazing E-Scape electric bikes that have some great features.

Three of the four we have available even fold down, for easier transportation, and the fourth is a mountain bike with a screen for things like your performance, battery and assistance level.

There really is a bike for everyone, so have a look for yourself!



Kayaks & Boats

Maybe you prefer water to land!

If so, consider an inflatable kayak or boat. You can spend your summer on a lake or river, cooling down in the sun and having fun.

We really can't pick a favourite, but the Kondor 2000 and Kondor 3000 each come with their own oars and pumps. Alternatively, the oars are available separately.

All of the boats are sturdy and safe, while being lightweight enough for simple travel and storage. In fact, the Hydro-Force Cove Champion Kayak has a removable fin, just to make storage that bit easier.

Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Inflatable Kayak 1 Bestway Kondor 3000 Inflatable Boat Set With Oars & Pump 1 PMS Tidal Wave Jumbo Inflatable Boat 1



Getting out into nature has to be one of the biggest perks of camping. Just being able to take a step outside of your tent and to be in the centre of the outdoors. So, explore the views more and get yourself some hiking gear!

Not every activity has to be high-intensity and action packed! Sometimes it’s as simple as venturing out into the woods, across the hills, and into the valleys. What a breath of fresh air!

We have boots, backpacks, walking poles, and more!

Regatta Bainsford Mens Hiking Boots Peat 2021 1 Sprayway Glencoe Walking Poles  1 Jack Wolfskin Campus Day Pack  1


So, we hope you get out there, enjoy your staycations and have an adventure to make up for the last year!