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The ultimate Telta awning, offering strikingly good looks and functional design. The lightly tinted panoramic windows offer a great view out and each of the front panels can be removed, lowered or rolled back. The awning is made of a lightweight breathable material that provides a good indoor climate and reduces condensation. The outer curve at the bottom of the awning is made of PVC which makes it easy to clean. All windows have audience curtains in are good quality that support the awning. A front canopy adds to the style whilst protecting the front from inclement weather.

Telta is a joint venture owned by Max Lawless and Anders Outzen. Our families have extensive and esteemed histories in theoutdoor industry, with both of us being the third generation to enter the business. We have over 50 years of continuous expertisefrom our families, including the design, production and sales of the world’s first and most popular inflatable caravan awnings.

If you are a caravanner or motorhomer in the UK or Scandinavia, there is a high likelyhood that you have used a productdeveloped by our families, including well-known brands such as Kampa, Sunncamp, CampForever and FMT.

We have joined together to create Telta, offering the next-generation and finest range of inflatable awnings, which we are veryexcited to share with you.

Awning models are available for caravans and motorhomes, with many new and unique features to enhance your experience.

Simplicity and functionality have been at the forefront of our design while developing our range of awnings. With this mindset,we have aimed to improve all basic features that are often overlooked.

Most of our awnings share the same functional features, with the main difference between models being their size, shape, orfront-panel configuration, all very important aspects when deciding which awning is right for you

Fully breathable, reducing the chance for condensation to occur, whereas most touring awnings use non-breathable polyester.

Telta’s exclusive Teltex fabric has been developed in response to historic feedback from customers. Teltex is lighter weight thantraditional breathable materials and creates a breathable awning that we believe is both convenient and suitable for touringuse, where other breathable awnings may be too heavy.

Utilising waterproof thread that swells when it gets wet. Telta awnings that utilise our Teltex material require no need for unsightlytaping that peels off over time leading to water leaks.

Teltex also offers improved durability, colour fastness, and is extensively wind and water tested

Telta’s inflation system is the best in the market due to its one-point inflation, isolating valves, and use of premium materials thatallow the inflatable frame to be stronger and more reliable than competing awnings.

Telta awnings are inflated from a single point of inflation with a recommended pressure of 9psi, whilst being tested to 25psi. Evenin the hottest weather, it will never be necessary to reduce the awnings pressure.

Each of the inflatable tubes is linked together through isolation valves that provide the benefits of both being able to inflate theentire awning from just one external inflation valve, whilst also being able to stop the airflow between tubes in the unlikely eventthat a tube becomes damaged.

Deflation valves at the base of the legs allow for the tubes to quickly be deflated in a controlled manner, so there is no need todeflate each of the air tubes individually.

Traditionally, inflatable TPU tubes have been protected by either a PE or mixed polyester/PE protective sleeve. Telta awningsutilise a nylon protective sleeve. Nylon tube sleeves are stronger, can stretch when under extreme pressure, and are more reliable.whilst reducing weight and pack size.

Suitable for connection to caravans and motorhomes between the heights of 235 - 280 cm, complete with dual keder (piping)to connect to both awning rails and cassette awnings.

Zipped fastenings can be adjusted externally on the side walls of the awnings to adjust the height ranges by 15cm at a time.

A double-pitched roof helps with water run-off whilst also ensuring that there is plenty of room for the vehicle door to beopened into the awning without catching on the roof.

SOUL (Fits Caravans and Motorhomes)
The Telta Soul is the ultimate awning, offering strikingly good looks and functional design.The lightly tinted panoramic windows offer a great view out and each of the front panels can be removed, lowered, or rolledback, and as with all Telta awnings, the vertical front panels offer improved headroom and useable space within the awning.

A front canopy adds to the style whilst protecting the front from inclement weather and despite its size, the Telta Soul is quickand easy to set up and take down.

The 390 and 490 sizes are designed to fit onto 400cm and 500cm cassettes, if you are mounting them onto a motorhome.


  • Connection Height - 235-280cm
  • Pack Size - 99 x 56 x 37cm
  • Weight - 35kg


Included with the awning: Draught Skirt, Curtains, Handpump, Pegs and Peg straps.

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