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Kinesis LYFE E-City Electric Bike 2022
Kinesis LYFE Equipped Step Thru Electric Bike 2022
Kinesis LYFE Equipped E-City Electric Bike 2022
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Kinesis LYFE Equipped Electric Bike 2021
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Kinesis Logo

From our earliest products, the objectives at Kinesis UK have always been to create bikes, bike frames, wheels and components for road, cyclocross, adventure and mountain bikes that excel in UK riding conditions. For us to put a Kinesis UK badge on any product it must be well made and dependable all year round, perform at a level beyond its price point and help people have fun while riding or in use.

We launched this brand believing that UK riders will appreciate products that are carefully designed to make UK riding better and are affordable and over the years many thousands of Kinesis customers have agreed with us.

With over 20 years in the cycling industry, we’ve built up a fantastic amount of in-house experience, talent and depth in our team. Our knowledge and expertise at selecting the best materials, the right components, design, construction, engineering and manufacturing partners through to colours and design. We use international elite cyclists to test all of our bikes and this culmination has seen Kinesis UK flourish and grow.

Whilst increasingly riders around the world are looking to buy Kinesis UK products, our focus remains the same today as it did at the beginning: to develop great products for the UK that are fun to ride and easy to own and live with all year round. As it happens, these criteria find cycling fans all over the globe.