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Frostfire Waterproof Changing Robes

Frostfire are a very well known brand that continue to design amazing innovative products. Frostfire are probably best know for their changing robe range named 'Moonwrap'. These are a fantastic bit of kit originally made as a changing robe but often warn as a comfortable oversized jacket to keep warm whilst oudoors. They also produce the world no.1 portable roof rack which for anyone who enjoys the outdoors knows what an essential accessory this really is.

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In 1998, the English entrepreneur and designer Chris Frost setup Frostfire after he dreamt of a changing mat and bag which could be used after surfing. The idea was to stand on the mat while changing and pull the drawstring to create the bag and keep all the wet gear contained. 25 years later the Frostfire Moonbag is still for sale and now sold worldwide.

Frostfire designs clever, simple outdoor products to help our customers’ enjoy their adventures.

We continue to use technical materials and advanced engineering to create our own future and empower people to enjoy the outdoors.