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Dometic Tent Carpets

Live in luxury with our tent carpets and groundsheets. We stock a variety of sizes and designs - exactly what you need to make a home away from home in the great outdoors. With features from some of the world's best camping brands, quality is assured. Shop now at Camping World.

Dometic's Awning and Accessory collection redefines outdoor comfort for RV and camper enthusiasts. Explore a range of stylish and durable awnings, along with a variety of accessories designed to enhance your outdoor experience.


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Tent Carpets and Accessories

We have all tent accessories in one place at Camping World - from canopies and extension to windbreaks and carpets. You can search via brand, price or category which hopefully will make finding what your looking for a lot easier, and your camping experience a whole lot better!


  1. Q: How do I choose the right size for my Dometic awning?

    • A: Measure the length of your RV or camper's awning rail to determine the appropriate size. Dometic awnings come in various sizes to fit different vehicle specifications.
  2. Q: Are Dometic Awnings easy to install?

    • A: Yes, Dometic Awnings are designed for easy installation. Each awning comes with detailed instructions, and many users find the process manageable. If you have any concerns, professional installation services are also available.
  3. Q: Can I use Dometic Awnings in different weather conditions?

    • A: Dometic Awnings are built to withstand various weather conditions, including light rain and sun. However, it's advisable to retract the awning during heavy rain, strong winds, or storms to prevent damage.
  4. Q: Are replacement parts available for Dometic Awnings?

    • A: Yes, Dometic provides a range of replacement parts for their awnings. Use our love chat or call us for more help - +44 (0) 1252 316649
  5. Q: Can I install accessories like lights on my Dometic awning?

    • A: Yes, Dometic offers a variety of accessories, including LED lights, which are designed to be easily installed on their awnings. These accessories enhance your outdoor experience.
  6. Q: How do I clean and maintain my Dometic awning?

    • A: Regularly clean your awning with a mild soap solution and a soft brush. Allow it to dry completely before retracting. Lubricate moving parts with a silicone-based lubricant to ensure smooth operation.
  7. Q: Are Dometic Awnings compatible with all RV models?

    • A: Dometic Awnings are designed to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of RV and camper models. However, it's crucial to check the specifications and compatibility information for your specific model.
  8. Q: Are Dometic Awnings covered by a warranty?

    • A: Yes, Dometic Awnings typically come with a warranty. The specific terms and duration may vary depending on the model and product line. Check the warranty information provided with your awning for details.
  9. Q: How do I troubleshoot common issues with my Dometic awning?

    • A: Dometic provides troubleshooting guides in their product manuals. If you encounter issues, refer to the manual for step-by-step instructions. For further assistance, you can contact us either via out love chat or call us +44 (0) 1252 316649.