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Blue Diamond Portable Camping Toilets

Camping toilets are an essential part of any outdoor adventure. They provide a convenient and sanitary way to dispose of waste while enjoying the great outdoors. These portable toilets come in a variety of styles and designs to suit different needs and preferences. From basic bucket toilets to advanced self-contained units, there's a camping toilet to suit every camper. Whether you're planning a weekend camping trip or a multi-day backpacking excursion, a camping toilet is a must-have for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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Portable Camping Toilets

We stock a large range of camping portable toilets from top camping brand Kampa and Outwell. These portable camping toilets come in a range of shapes and sizes and are a must for any camping trip.

What do you do with the toilet waste when camping?

When camping, the waste from a camping toilet should be disposed of properly to minimize environmental impact and prevent contamination of water sources. The specific method for disposing of waste will vary depending on the type of camping toilet being used and the location of the campsite.

  • If using a portable camping toilet that uses disposable waste bags, the filled bags should be sealed and disposed of in a trash receptacle or designated waste disposal area.
  • If using a more advanced self-contained camping toilet, the waste can be collected in a holding tank that can later be emptied at designated dump stations.
  • Some campsites have designated pit toilet areas, where waste is disposed of in a hole in the ground. These toilets are also known as "vault toilets"
  • In backcountry camping, it is important to follow Leave No Trace principles and bury human waste in a "cathole" at least 6-8 inches deep, at least 200 feet away from water sources.

It's also important to note that in some areas, the use of camping toilets may be restricted or prohibited by law. Always check with local authorities or the land manager before using a camping toilet in a specific location.


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