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Zempire Camping Storage

Camping Storage solutions are essential for any outdoor adventure, keeping your gear organized, protected, and easily accessible. Our collection of camping storage options includes everything from compact camping cupboards to larger tent storage units, providing ample space to store all your camping essentials.

Whether you need to store your camping clothes or simply have a designated space for all your gear, our camping storage solutions have you covered. With durable construction and easy portability, our camping storage products are designed to make your camping trips more convenient and enjoyable.

Browse our selection of camping storage options to find the perfect solution for your next outdoor adventure!

Zempire is a leading brand in the outdoor camping and recreation market. Known for their innovative designs and high-quality products, Zempire is dedicated to making outdoor experiences more enjoyable and comfortable. Some of our biggest selling Zempire products include the Zempire Pro TXL V2 Air Tent and the Monstamat Self Inflating Mattress.


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Top Camping Storage Tips

  1. Pack smart: Prioritise and bring only the essential items and use airtight containers to keep food fresh and prevent spills.

  2. Utilise vertical space: Use hanging storage unites or stackable containers to maximize storage space.

  3. Invest in multi-functional gear: Look for camping gear that serves multiple purposes, such as a stove that doubles as a grill or a water jug that can also be used as a seat.

  4. Use the boot of your car: Your car's boot can provide ample storage space. Use collapsible or foldable containers to make the most of the space.

  5. Utilise bungee cords: These are versatile and can be used to secure gear to the roof of your car or as a clothesline for drying wet items.

  6. Label everything: Label your gear with markers, labels, or color coding to make it easier to find what you need when you need it.

  7. Keep a checklist: A packing list will help ensure that you don't forget any important items and keep track of what you've packed.

  8. Store food safely: Use a cooler or bear canister to keep food stored safely and away from wildlife.


Where do I start when pitching a Zempire Tent?
Following the instructions (included in your tent bag or you can find on the products’ webpage), practice pitching your tent at home to ensure you understand the process and that you have everything you need.

When picking a spot for your tent, try to find an area that is sheltered, flat and free from sharp objects. If possible, position your tent with the front door facing away from the prevailing wind. Try not to pitch your tent under trees as falling branches and tree sap can damage the tent and you’ll want to avoid cleaning bird poo off it!

Be sure to clear the site of any stones, sticks and any other objects that cause damage to the tent floor. It is also a good idea to consider using a Zempire groundsheet for your tent to provide further protection to the floor and make pack up easier.

How do I clean my Zempire Tent?
The tent can be cleaned using a damp cloth, sponge or soft bristled brush and water to remove any small spots of dirt etc.

For a heavier clean, pitch the tent at home and use warm water and a damp cloth, sponge or soft bristled brush to gently clean the tent.

Never use detergents, bleaches, dishwashing liquids etc as these can damage or remove the coatings of the fabric. There are speciality tent and gear cleaners available if required, these are usually available at specialist camping outlets.

Be sure that the tent is completely dry before storage.

While camping, try to keep the tent as clean as possible. If possible, try to minimise the amount of dirt, dust and sand etc from being tracked inside the tent.

How do I avoid UV damage to my Zempire Tent?
Tent fabrics can be weakened by long term exposure to sunlight.

Under normal holiday use, your Zempire tent will give you many years of camping enjoyment, however extended use in strong sunlight will cause degradation. It is recommended that during periods of strong sunlight a Zempire roof cover is used to help provide extra protection from UV damage.

Do not leave the tent pitched for extended periods of time as UV damage will degrade the fabric.

Fabrics can be recoated with various products to reinvigorate their UV resistance and improve waterproofing. It is always a good idea to test any coatings that you are thinking of applying to your tent to a small test area to make sure they are compatible with the fabric.