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Zempire Evo TL Air Tent 2020
Zempire Evo TL Air Tent Package 2020
Zempire Aero TL PRO TC Tent 2020
RRP £1050.00
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RRP £1150.00
RRP £1900.00
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Zempire Aero TL PRO Series Tent 2020
Zempire Aero TXL PRO Air Tent 2020
Zempire Aerodome 2 PRO Series Tent 2020
RRP £1450.00
SAVE 10%
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RRP £1800.00
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RRP £1800.00
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Zempire Condo Dome Tent
RRP £800.00
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5 Man and 6 Man Tents

The start of the bigger family tents, this category accommodates most of our best selling lines. Perfect for the standard nuclear family size, many of these tents can be accessorised with awnings and extensions for total versatility. Tents across a wide range fall into this category, with most lines featuring standard polyester with a polycotton equivalent for comparison. CampingWorld.co.uk gives one of the widest selctions of 5 to 6 man tents available online and prices range from the cheap budget range aimed at new and first time campers through to high end luxury glamping tents for those well accustomed to the camping lifestyle who want a home away from home.

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Zempire Camping Equipment has been developing premium camping products since 2006. Originally based in Christchurch, Zempire is now located in Hamilton, New Zealand. Starting out as a small team of outdoor enthusiasts thinking of new innovative camping ideas. The brand has now grown to be one of the most trusted camping brands in the country and across the world. Zempire Camping products can now be found in many countries around the world from the UK, Eurpope, Asia, USA and all across the South Pacific.

Zempire Camping Equipment has gained a reputation for creating innovative high quality product, as can be seen from some highlights from our amazing brand history.

Zempire Camping Equipment is an extremely proud New Zealand brand and is now spreading our unique spin on premium quality, innovative, new age camping gear to rest of the World. We have now done extensive research on the specific requirements for international markets, such as the UK and Europe and have ensured our tents are designed specifically to withstand the rigours of the Northern Hemisphere weather extremes.