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VIVOBAREFOOT Ra Mens Leather Shoe
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Great range of footwear available to order online -  we have all the top outdoor branded footwear from Regatta, Olang and Trespass.
VIVOBAREFOOT Logo Vivobarefoot is one of the leaders in the world of minimalist shoes. Their patented ultra-thin, puncture resistant soles allow for a natural foot-flex, providing maximum proprioception without sacrificing protection. Vivobarefoot shoes have an anatomic toe box and a zero-drop heel to toe profile, which allows for a natural gate.

About Barefoot Shoes
With 200,000 nerve endings, 33 major muscles, 28 bones, 19 ligaments; the human foot is a biomechanical masterpiece.

In the last 40 years we have been led by a common misconception that cushioned, padded sneakers are better. Despite all the developments in sports shoe technology, an estimated 79 percent of people give up running because of injury – a movement that should come naturally.

However, unless you were brought up in an unshod, chair-free environment you are likely to be lacking in certain physiological qualities and biomotor skills for running. Barefoot running is a skill that has to be learnt. The modern human being is generally disconnected with nature so we need to relearn how to run.

No heel, no midsole, no arch support, no gimmicks! VIVOBAREFOOT helps encourages us to move as million years of evolution intended - barefoot.