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Summit Pursuit Adults Hi-Vis Vest
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Bushcraft is the ability to make the most of your environment and survive alone in nature. Necessary in parts of the world such as Australia and South Africa, Bushcraft skills have also become popular in the United Kingdom thanks to TV survivalists such as Bear Grylls and Ray Mears demonstrating exceptional bushcraft skills. Bushcraft skills enable you to make the most of natural resources and include fire making, tracking, shelter construction, making and using tools, food and resource foraging, trapping, hunting, water gathering, rope and net making as well as many other skillful tasks.
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Summit is a brand offering you outdoor products that perform. The range is suited to all seasons, whatever the outdoor activity, allowing you to mix and match items to suit your customers’ needs all year round.

Summit gives you extra value because it offers higher-end products with a price appeal that attracts a wide market. And because the quality of our products is so good, repeat orders are sure to follow.