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Sprayway Outdoor Tents and Clothing

Our tent designs boast practical, well thought out features that not only offer somewhere to sleep for the night, but additionally a place to live and enjoy! The Sprayway tent collection pitch outer first utilising a fully sewn in inner tent. This provides a convenient pitching method for the UK as well as offering comfort and quality from the fully sewn in inner. Some models are also available in a polycotton fabric. This fabric is perfect for those looking to use their tent in warmer climates; the polycotton is far more breathable and stays cooler in warm climates.

The collection is moving forward this season from 3 to 5 families as we add the Hood and Gorge to the Valleys, Canyons and Ravines. These tents new to 2014 will provide a new dimension with each family offer something different to the other in either configuration or features, giving you a great amount of choice from the range. Each model is cleverly refined to incorporate as many features as possible. A few of these include: lantern hanging points, wardrobe hanging bars, storage pockets and wet storage areas. The Sprayway team have considered it all.

Not only have we created a great collection of tents, we have also delivered a range of accessories designed to further enhance your camping experience. The range offers canopies/ extensions, offering greater versatility to the entrances of the tent. Furthermore we also offer: footprint groundsheets, windshields and carpets, all developed to make your camping experience more pleasant.

At Sprayway we know that life is an adventure, but how adventurous somebody wants to live their life is up to them; we just want to provide the right camping equipment for that adventure.