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Robens Camping Lights, Lanterns & Torches

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Whether it's everyday lighting, romantic lighting, emergency torch light or head torches we have all the camping lighting options you could wish for. We also have a range of solar camping lights which provide you with a very easy alternative to the standard electric style.

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Robens has an enviable heritage and reputation for producing award-winning technical tents that cover a wide range of outdoor adventures, including trekking, kayaking, cycle touring and base camp needs. The addition of Airventure enhances the larger models by providing performance Robens tents for active families. Every Robens tent design undergoes stringent in-house and in-the-field testing to ensure they exceed expectations and the quality materials sourced ensure reliability and outstanding value for money.


Robens Suilven Rechargeable Lantern
Robens Thacla Tipi Lamp 2024
Robens Munros Rechargeable Lantern
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Robens Snowdon Gas Lantern
Robens Lighthouse Lantern
Robens Black Mountain Light 2018
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Camping Lighting / Awning Lights / Lanterns/ Torches

We have a wide range of lighting options for your camping trip, from lanterns to torches. Our camping lighting options come from all the big outdoor bands such as Outwell, Zempire, Outdoor Revolution and Easy Camp.

How many lumens do i need for a camping lantern?

The number of lumens you need for a camping lantern will depend on the intended use of the lantern. A general rule of thumb is to have at least 50-100 lumens for basic camping needs, such as navigating around the campsite or cooking. If you need more light for activities such as reading or playing games, you may want to look for a lantern with 200-300 lumens or more. It's also important to consider the size and weight of the lantern, as well as the battery life and type of light source used.

How to charge rechargeable camping lantern?

There are several ways to charge a rechargeable camping lantern, depending on the type of lantern and the charging options it provides. Some common methods include:

  1. USB charging: Many camping lanterns can be charged via a USB cable, which can be plugged into a computer, power bank, or other USB charging device.

  2. Solar charging: Some lanterns have built-in solar panels, which can be charged during the day and used at night.

  3. Hand crank charging: Some lanterns have a hand-crank or a built-in dynamo which can generate power to charge the batteries.

  4. AC adapter: Some lanterns come with an AC adapter, which can be plugged into an electrical outlet to charge the lantern.

  5. Car charging: Some lanterns have a 12V DC charging cord which allows you to charge the lantern in your car.

It is important to read the instruction manual for your specific lantern to know what is the best way to charge it. Also, be mindful of the charging time, some lanterns take longer to charge than others.

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ROBENS – celebrating 50 years!

At Robens we share your passion for the outdoors and this drives us to create a strong foundation to enable an outdoor adventure. From bushcraft and micro adventures to longer spells in the field, quality gear is essential hence our focused, high performance product range is designed to meet specific needs.

With our knowledge and continuous testing, we are committed to provide superior value products that are the safe choice, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters: enjoying the outdoors adventure.

We are known in the technical market as the ’Better Value Brand’ and our enthusiastic customers appreciate our attention to price/quality ratio, design and performance. This year, we celebrate our 50th birthday, offering 52 tents and 15 tarps, extensions and windscreen across nine ranges. New tents include the Pioneer 4EX in the Route range. Ideal as a starter tent for groups, it offers a four-person option of the popular extended porch tunnel design used in the successful 2EX and 3EX. And the new nature inspired Ocean Blue aligns the range with other Robens’ products.

The Trail range also gets a larger tent in the form of the Challenger 3EX. The range addresses diverse accommodation needs of adventurers taking part in general outdoor pursuits, and the Challenger 3EX answers the demand for a three-person version of the popular two-person tent.

A new Nordic Lynx 2 joins larger models in the Track range to meet challenges experienced when extreme winter camping. It focuses on ease of use, stability and ventilation, including extra-long pegging loops and snow skirts to add security and a new vent layout mirrored by that in the inner tent. The addition of a Track Tarp that converts to a simple wedge-shaped bivvy tent adds an option for more adventurous lightweight camps.

Adventure tents receive the family-size Eagle Rock 5XP tunnel (also available as a technical cotton version in the TC Adventure range) and the Cobra Stone 5. The latter is a highly versatile free-standing dome perfect for use as an awning alongside a car, or to act as a screen house once all doors are toggled back.

The Klondike Grande PRS, Twin Summit Shelter PRS and Tipi Extension PRS bring new group tent and shelter options to the Navigator range. The quality polyester fabric brings down packed size and weight for easy maintenance, transportation and storage. This allows a wider range of use, enhanced by an assortment of optional accessories that includes inner tents, floor coverings, footprints and tent stoves.

New group tents also join the popular Outback range. Perfect for the wilderness enthusiast or those making a lifestyle statement, we continue to build on its appeal with the new Klondike Twin that offers families and groups vis-à-vis accommodation built around an evolved Klondike tipi. And the new Yurt is guaranteed to catch the eye while housing larger groups or acting as a social base camp hub. Technical cotton and easily assembled steel pole ensure stability, allowing the use of a Robens wood burning stove for when temperatures drop.