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Camping showers are essential equipment for campers who want to stay clean and refreshed while enjoying the great outdoors. Our collection includes a wide range of products such as portable showers, solar showers, and shower accessories that are designed to provide hot or cold water for your camping needs. These camping showers are perfect for washing off dirt and sweat after a long hike, or for taking a refreshing shower after a day at the beach. They are also easy to set up and use, and come in a variety of sizes and designs. Whether you're camping in an RV or a tent, our selection of camping showers has everything you need to stay clean and comfortable while enjoying your outdoor adventures. Browse now and find the perfect camping shower for your next camping trip.

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Outwell Solar Shower
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How do you take a hot shower when camping?

There are several ways to take a hot shower when camping, depending on the type of camping trip you are taking and the facilities available. Some common options include:

  1. Solar Shower: A solar shower is a simple and inexpensive option for camping. It is a black bag filled with water that is left in the sun to heat up. The water is then gravity-fed through a hose and shower head.

  2. Camping Shower Tent: Some camping shower tents have a built-in propane water heater that allows you to take a hot shower. They are more expensive but also more convenient.

  3. Portable Camping Shower: Portable camping showers are battery-operated or hand-pump units that can be filled with water, then pressurized to provide a steady stream of water through a showerhead. They can be heated by adding hot water to the tank or using a portable water heater.

  4. Campground shower: Some campground and RV parks have shower facilities on-site, which can be used for a fee or as part of the camping fee.

  5. Make your own shower: You can make your own shower by hanging a bag filled with water above you and letting gravity do the rest. You can also use a portable water heater to heat the water.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to conserve water and be mindful of your impact on the environment.

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For the last 26 years Outwell have consistently offered the biggest commitment to innovation in the camping sector, and the 2023 season is no different.


Outwell® has a much-envied reputation for being the award-winning innovative family camping brand. We believe camping is for everyone and we aim to help families enjoy outdoor living to the full. By designing superior innovative equipment that challenges the norm and exceeds expectations we lay the foundation upon which to create unforgettable family moments through a rewarding outdoor experience.

We offer 57 tents in eight collections; four air; four pole. We have one new collection and 16 new tents for 2023 Outwell.

Innovation, function and design remain key considerations. We introduce Outwell Nightlight System (ONS) — our unique patented system that generates soft cosy illumination, allowing a camper to move around and leave a tent or vehicle awning without a harsh light waking other occupants. The gentle welcoming porch light also highlights the main door zip for ease of access on their return. The latest Outwell Imperial Air Tent Collection and Superior Air Touring vehicle awnings are prepared for this system and use optional rechargeable power packs located in a pocket at one end of the modified HookTrack beading, to light up the embedded fibre optic elements.

We also bring you the new Discovery Air Collection comprising three sizes of Starhill tents that provides an entry-level introduction to inflatable tent technology. Versatility is often key to maximising the value of your investment so we’ve created a way to attach our latest Summer and Event Lounges, purchased for garden and event use, to our 2023 tents and a vehicle. The selection of Universal Connectors extends individual sheltered living space and creates a social hub by attaching up to four tents and campervans to a central Lounge.

New tents concentrate on popular designs in more sizes to simplify choice. Attention to detail continues in all models, with features, like our new Rapid Guyline Adjusters, providing chic, practical ways to improve the camping experience. New extended front weather protection add steel pole stability with the facility to roll and toggle back the side walls when required.

Having supplied vehicle awnings for many years, we continue to adapt to modern camping life and have introduced new models to address the needs of today’s adventurers. Two air and two pole collections see five new models, a tarp and an inflatable Touring canopy bring the offering up to 27, including utility and canopies. The wide choice ensures we have a model for you no matter your adventure or camping style.

In fact, from easy use, smaller packed size and on-the-go appeal tents and vehicle awnings to luxury models suitable for discerning campers who enjoy longer holidays and want all the features tent to provide space and comfort, our collections offer wide choice with options to suit all needs.