Outwell 2018 Awning Collection - It's Here!

Exceeding Awning Expectations...

Outwell caravan awnings already benefit from a wealth of our original market-leading elements that enhance outdoor living in comfort, safety and style.

While Outwell's superlative Advance Air Tube System with one-go inflation technology makes erection a breeze, their 208 awnings also address the universal difficulties experienced in adjusting an air proles height to match pitch conditions and also attchment tot he unit. Outwell's innovative approach to problem solving has delivered their 'Pole-Free Seal System and Height Adjustment System.

Height Adjustment System

To overcome the problem of levelling an inflatable awning on an uneven pitch, Outwell have developed the Height Adjustment System. Up to four optional EVA foam dics can be inserted into a pocket located at the end of each tube to compensate for ground fall and work witht he Pole-Free Seal System to hold the awning firmly against the caravan.



Removebale Front

Outwell's designs are inspire by nature so it is logical that caravanners should be able to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather. Their awnings feature removable fronts that allow the livibg space to integrate with the surroundings for the full outdoor experience when the sun shines. When closed, large tinted windows provide protection from the sin's glare while allowing great views out and maintaining privacy.



360 Curtains

From fully closed to fully open and removed the front curtain zips provide a wide choice of positions to suit personal preference, balancing light in with views out and provacy. Half open, the curtains create an attractive and practical veranda effect that enhances the awning's overal design.





Pole Free Seal System

Outwell's Pole-free Seal System easily and quickly provides a tight connection between the awning  and the caravan without resorting to poles that can damiage a caravan wall.

An integral padded beam is held against the caravan wall by an adjustabe tape. This ends in a triangular fabric extension that allows the use of two pegs to enhance security in bad weather. once erected and fine-tuned, the whole assembly is hidden from sight using an attached cover that blends into the awning wall.

Optional EVA foam discs can be used between the tape and beam to ensure the seal around projections, like windows.


The 2018 Collection

Below are a list of Outwell's latest awning range with links to more information about the awnings and prices. I hope you agree with us that Outwell have definitly put themselves on the map this year with their awnings.