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Olang Footwear

Olang, worn by angels, designed in paradise by Italians. Olang create a beautiful range of footwear to be worn in a winter wonderland, keeping your feet warm and not compromising on comfort, function or design. The ultimate is to design footwear that gives the customerjoy and pleasure. Whether it’s transforming functional footwear into something fashionable or providing a practical solution to the harsh weather conditions Olang take pride in crafting every pair of boots to meet the challenges of winter. 

Live in comfort. 

The Company

Olang was founded in 1990 and thanks to the experience and dedication of its team is now considered one of the leading companies in the quality shoe sector. Our shoes are now distributed all over Europe and in many other countries throughout the world. Olang designs, manufactures and sells a range of footwear from good quality trekking and outdoor shoes which provides comfort and style to the wearer; they are light, durable and suitable for all types of adventures. To the winter season: the Olang collection includesmodels to satisfy any need: from classic après ski boots to fashion winter shoes, including natural fur boots. A combination of Italian design, extensive knowledge and a strong passion for footwear, makes each pair of shoes a special and unique purchase.