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Top Backpacking Tents and Essentials


Backpacking Tents, Sleeping Bags, Stoves and much much more...

Going backpacking, taking a gap year or just want an adventure then your be needing some new gear to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.Backpacking Tents

When going backpacking it is essential you have the right tent, the perfect sleeping bag, the most efficient stove and all the handy accessories to help you on the way including, a first aid kit, a water bottle, fire starter equipment and food supplies. Well Camping World can help with them all.

We have a very vast section of backpacking and expedition tent to suit your requirements. Our expedition tents are all lighteight tents but come in various shapes and sizes depending how many of you are on your adventure together. Our lightweight tents go from a 1 man solo tent to a large 6 man lightweight tent.


Once you have your lightweight accomodation sorted you need to start thinking about how important getting a good nights sleep is going to be. Having a warm insulated sleeping bag is so important whilst backpacking. The better you sleep the better you will feel for your next day trekking up a mountain or hiking through the countryside. We have a number of backpacking sleeping bags that are designed for these types of adventures. We sell some of the best know backpacking brands whcih include Robens and Terra Nova. Our specialised backpacking sleeping bags offer extra worth and comfort and are designed to stop any heat loss due to their increased insulation systems. 


Now lets move on to another crucial part of not only backpacking but life.... FOOD! Whilst in the greta outdoors you are going to need to eat and you don't have all evening to sit and prepare a meal, so a backpacking stove is something you are going to want to purchase. Not only are they small and lightweight they are brilliantly efficient. Backpacking stoves are designed to work fast, and that they do they boil with in seconds... We have a great range of backpacking stoves from Robens, Fire Dragon and Go System and we will continue to add to our stoves so we are offering not only the best you can get but also nore affordable stoves for less extreme backpacking adventures.


There are numerous other essentials when backpacking that we do also sell online including torches, first aid kits, fire lighting equipment, water bottles and walking poles. When going backpacking you have to be ready for any eventuality but you also dont want to be lugging around a heavy load on your back, luckily all our backpacking accessories are lightweight and small in size so are perfect to fit in your backpack and will not add to the weight of your load.

After talking about all the equipment needed for a backpacking trip we have come to maybe the most important part... the backpack! We have a selection of rucksacks, dry sacks, dry bags and cargo bags. These bags are from a range of outdoor specialist brands inclusing Jack Wolfskin, Outwell, Terra Nova and  Robens. We have a large supply of different sized backpacks so there should be one perfect for your needs.


Apart form this the main thing is to enjoy yourself, backpacking how ever extreme is meant to be a fun and memorable experience!