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Top 5 Items for a Romantic Camping Getaway - Just in Time for Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so what are you going to do?

Try to book a last-minute meal at your partner’s favourite restaurant only to find out it’s already fully booked?

Decide that you don’t really need to go out, so you’ll spend the night in with a cooked meal and a bottle of wine... just like that year, and the year before that, and the year before that?

Or, are you going to spend a night or two – or even the whole weekend – away from the stresses and the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life?

I think we know which one we'd prefer, so, to help you along the way, here are what we think are the Top 5 Items for a Romantic Camping Getaway!


1. 3-4 Person Tent

You could opt for a 2 person tent, but we find that upsizing gives you that extra bit of space.

It's hard for us to pick favourites, but why not look at the compact yet practical Kampa Dometic Brean 3 Tent, or the easy-to-pitch Outwell Earth 3 Tent. If neither of those appeal to you, explore the wide range of 3-4 person tents we sell, here!


2. Double Sleeping Bag

Now this may be a little too close for comfort for some people but, technically, it is still Winter, so maybe a little body heat will be needed if it gets a bit too chilly.

Double Sleeping Bags provide you with the warmth, comfort and security of a single sleeping bag, and multiply it by two, keeping cold feet at bay on the nights when you really need it. Some, like the Easy Camp Moon Sleeping Bag Double, even come with a built-in padded headrest and/or pillows!



3. Double Airbed

Alternatively, if you feel that a Double Sleeping Bag seems a little too claustrophobic, you can always try a Double Airbed - to make things easier, this aerobed Double Airbed comes with a built-in pump!

There are even King Size Airbeds available in the form of the Outwell Flock Excellent King and the Outwell Flock Classic King, for those of us who really like to spread out.

        outwell flock excellent king airbed        


4. Heating & Lighting

What's Valentine's Day without some ambience? Heating and lighting provide just that and there's a lot to choose from.

With the Kampa Dometic SabreLink Flex Lighting System you can adjust the lights with a remote control, dimming and brightening them as you see fit, creating that mood lighting effect. 

In terms of heating, the Kampa Diddy Heater is a firm favourite amongst our customers, with its portability and energy efficiency. Similarly,  could also be the one for you as it's perfect for smaller tents and, if it gets too hot, you can simply switch to the cold air fan!

Browse our various options to see what fits your mood!

Kampa Dometic SabreLink Flex Starter Kit                                          


5. Cookware

Who says you can’t go camping and have that romantic meal for two?

Our camping cookware ranges from full stoves and mini ovens, to coolers and fridges. There's cookware for every occasion, whether you'll be travelling on-foot and want something lightweight like the Coleman Fyrestorm PCS Backpacking Stove, or whether you're looking for something just a bit more heavy duty like the Robens Kobuk Tent Stove.

And, if you're feeling really lavish, you can top it off with the popular Streetwize 16pce Stripe Melamine Dinner Set and dine in style!



We hope you find what you're after amongst all of these gems - and just in case you need a bit of gentle persuasian, visit our homepage to see if we have any Valentine's offers where you are that may sweeten the deal!