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Superstar takes to family camping

Celebrity singer and mother of three, Sophie Ellis-Bextor joins the fast growing community of families getting back to nature and turning to Outwell tents for hassle-free family camping.

A-list superstar Sophie may experience five-star luxury hotels around the world during the course of her hectic working schedule but she still has her feet firmly on the ground and knows the benefits of living outdoors with the kids.

Sophie says: “Family camping allows parents the opportunity to enjoy fun, quality time with their children – providing freedom to explore a different environment together and for the family to learn vital life skills through play and close-to-nature adventures.

“Our children are nine, four and one so I think it's quite a magical thing to do with your parents – especially for my eldest two.”

Sophie spent many valuable hours considering the pros and cons of various camping brands before settling on the Outwell Montana 6P as the right tent for her family. Sophie says: “I did lots of research and Outwell came out brilliantly in the reviews. I like the design and I've heard they are pretty easy to put up.”

The UK’s leading independent camping dealership, Camping World, was approached for further advice and to supply her family tent and camping equipment. Camping World’s Michael Cloake says: “I consider the award-winning iconic Outwell Montana 6P Europe’s best family tent ever since its inception in 2005. It has undergone many innovative refinements, but has always remained true to the same versatile and family-oriented design.

“With a number of festivals to go to throughout the year, Sophie and her family will have plenty of opportunities to test out the new gear and get used to the laid back outdoor lifestyle. And I am confident that Outwell is the perfect partner to ensure that they get the very best experience.”

Below is a list of the Outwell equipment we think we can identify in Sophie's camping pictures:

Outwell Montana 6P Tent
Outwell 3 Burner Deluxe Stove & Toaster
Outwell Halifax L Table
Outwell Goya Chairs
Outwell Collaps Kettle
Outwell Collaps Washing Bowl
Outwell Collaps Food Box Set
Outwell Feast Cook Set L