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Snappy Caps are an innovative new product from Sunncamp aimed at campers and caravanners and people on the go. A simple design, the Snappy Cap simply clicks over the rim of standard drinks cans and is totally re-usable.

Air-tight and water-tight, the Snappy Caps simply snap on and off providing a solid seal around the rim of the can. Coupled with a wide screw cap top, the Snappy Caps make drinking out of a can easier and are great for when you're out and about.

Great for kids, the Snappy Caps mean you seal and save some of the drink without losing its fizz. The Snappy Caps also stop spills which is helpful for drinks cans precariously perched on the ground on picnics and campsites, or travelling in the fridge of a caravan.

Perhaps most importantly, the Snappy Caps can stop flies and insects making a bee-line (pun intended) for your drink and allow you to drink away without fear of something lurking in your can.

Constructed from a lightweight and durable plastic, the Snappy Cap is quick and easy to use, simple to rinse and imeasurably handy on the campsite or at home. Keenly priced at just £1.99 (RRP £2.99), the Snappy Caps come in a variety of colours and are available with free delivery.

To view the listing for the Snappy Caps and to buy, please click HERE