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Plus Size Ski Wear for Bigger People

The annual skiing holiday tends to be a barometer of people's feelings about the economy. As the economy recovers and people's prospects are looking up, we all feel better at spending rather than saving, and what better way to spend your hard earned than a well deserved trip to the Alps?

Britain's love a ski holiday and it is now more open than ever to the masses. Low cost, cheap all inclusive holidays mean a trip to the slopes is accessible to all. for everyone that's been holding off on their winter vacation during the recession, these recent green shoots of recovery signal the end to all the waiting.

So you go ahead and book your holiday, safe in the knowledge that things are all getting better.

But wait! One week out and - to be safe - you check on all your snow gear and there's a problem. A big problem. Other than  your boots, none of your ski wear fits any more. A couple of homely Christmas holidays with no winter exercise has left you a little less lean and, frighteningly, just a little bit fat.

Do you risk it and hit the gym, desperately trying to shed the pounds before you go. Or do you cruise the high street looking for something, anything, that fits?

Now the problem here is that most shops only stock a standard range of sizes and you would be extremely lucky to find anything over a size 18 in women's, or a 3XL in men's. But shopping online is your saviour! specialises in providing larger size ski and snowboarding clothing. They run a range of stylish men's and women's jackets and pants (salopettes) from top independent brand White Rock which are designed to give top of the range protection, even in larger sizes.

For women, sizes run from size 8 all the way through to size 30, and in the men's XS runs all the way to 8XL. The White Rock Sleek is a stylish women's ski jacket with a fitted 'look' and high performance specification and available in three colours. The White Rock Magnum is top of the range men's ski jacket, with the production run extended up to 8XL - an unbeatable performance jacket.


What's more, all White Rock snow gear is fully breathable as well as waterproof, meaning perspiration escapes through the clothing without compromising on protection, leaving you comfortable all day long.


White Rock have also created a design of snow pants called the Sno Fit Slims. Most clothing tend to increase both leg and waist length proportionately, in what is perhaps a short-sighted approach to sizing. Where some brands assume a size 5XL might be 7' tall, Sno Fit Slims keep the measurements in proportion for the majority of us that don't necessarily get taller when we get fatter.

One of White Rock's fastest selling styles,  Sno Fit Slims use a shorter average leg length and just increase waist and hip measurements as they get larger meaning they fit a larger group of shorter, bigger people - the only ski pants that cater exclusively for your middle aged spread!


See if they fit you and buy a pair of Sno Fit Slims now!