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Outwell - What's New for 2020!

1. Quick & Quiet Inner Door

Enables campers to leave and access bedrooms without fuss. With silent magnetic strip closure down the centre, they can be parted easily to slip through and will close automatically.

There's no need to fumble with bedroom doors any longer with the new Outwell inspired design that avoids the unwelcome intrusion of zips being sought and slid open noisily in the dead of night.

Outwell's Quick & Quiet Inner Door innovation allows campers to leave and access bedrooms by slipping through without waking other campers in the tent. With a column of silent, fuss-free magnets running securely down the centre, and zips along the floor, they seal access and cut out light but can be opened and closed easily without a sound with just one hand. For added flexibility and preference, each door also has a zipper for double seal when needed.

2. Hooktrack System

Our ingenious Outwell HookTrack System innnovation is a smart yet simple concept designed to deliver safety and convenience for campers that is reliable in function and easy to use. it enables the wires for lighting and other electrical devices to be routed securely out of the way to avoid accidental damage and trip hazards. Plus, it allows lights to be positioned where needed and for light items to be aired on lines.

LED Tracking - Attach HookTrack clips to the discreet piping to allow the neat and secure fitting of outwell LED strip lights to add a new dimension in tent living.




Hanging Lines - Ad HookTrack piping runs the full length of the tent frame, it allows for clips to be used to attach horizontal lines to hang light items such as tea towels.






3. Moveable Front

Offering a simple yet ingenious mean of extending the versitility of tent designs, the Outwell Moveable Front is made up of several elements - door, mesh, curtain and window - that can be simply mved and re-attached at the front of the canopy to create extra internal space, dheltere from the weather, as required. The flexibility of enjoying a deep canopy for sun and rain protection plus cutting out the wind when dining or having a socail get-together is a real plus. A toggle-up bathtub groundsheet for the canopy is included.

4. Wing Lounge

Perfect for compact 3-zone tents by offering useful extra space and great flexibility in use, the Outwell Wing Lounge is a design feature that extends versatile tent living. Whether used as a private corner nook for reading and relaxing, for stage or as an extended dining area, options are only limited by campers' imagination. The full zip on the wide door fully ensures panorama opening and a sheltered space for sunbathing or keeping an eye on the world. Large window panels and covered ventilation options at the sides complete the neat facility.




5. Outwell Panorama

Outwell's inspired Outwell Panorama concept enables family campers to enjoy the close-to-nature experience they seek when setting up camp by creating an airy, light-filled space that offers shelter and comfort with enrestricted access to the outdoor world.