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It takes something special to be first in the field and year after year receive awards for outstanding products

Our reputation and success are based on the development of our own innovative and thoughtfully designed products combined with bold and functional new ideas. Innovation, functionality, quality and design are the key building blocks in our success – and our inherent philosophy making us the most innovative camping brand on the European market today. With our strong team of product developers, our technical insight into the best and latest materials on the market and our familiarity with camping life, we have repeatedly brought innovative and industry standard-setting features and products onto the market.

We are also renowned for our comprehensive test program involving laboratory tests as well as rain and wind testing facilities at our factories and at our headquarters in Denmark – facilities which are often used by camping magazines and media from all over Europe.

Outwell’s pedigree is very much one of firsts. Ours were the first tents to feature such innovations as our now-famous luminous guylines, sewn-in groundsheets, carpets, skylight windows and much more. We have also been able to put our name to key innovations such as the Outwell Sealed Ground System, for optimal all-weather protection, and Extended Frame System, ensuring maximum headroom throughout the tent without loss of stability. Plus, thanks to our overall design and build quality, we were at the vanguard of initiatives such as double-dome and double-tunnel tents.

We never stop striving to improve. Who else but Outwell could have come up with the super-cool Kids Room inner tents? We have a full research and development team dedicated to checking out new ideas and making sure they work where it matters most – out in the field!

Uniquely, we also benefit from, and act upon, feedback from users out in the field – including our Internet Panel and carefully selected Outwell Test Families.

That’s Outwell. Often imitated, never bettered!

First in the field

Wind Stabilizer System - 2011.

An all-new innovation for this season, our highly effective Wind Stabilizer System uses a strong Velcro fastening system as a direct attachment point between the flysheet and tent pole. We’ve tested features like our Wind Stabilizer System under the most severe weather conditions, and measured their amazing performances are ratings of up to nine and even ten on the Beaufort Scale. That’s real peace of mind for you and all the family.

Easy Pegging System - 2011.


One of our latest innovations and one that truly lives up to its name! Special use of three different colour-coded types of pegs ensures pitching is both straightforward and contributes to the inherent stability of any Outwell tent. Here, we use grey anchor steel pegs at each corner, black plastic pegs for general pegging out, and luminous pegs to complement the guylines. Simple, but so highly effective. 

Luminous Guylines / Piping / Dry Zip System - 2011.


Not content with leading the way with Luminous Guylines over a decade ago, we’ve supplemented this with  complementary Luminous Piping on the main tent panels. Plus, Dry Zip System means special luminous coverings that prevent water getting in anywhere along important zipping points.

Game Wall - 2010.


Introduced with our Fantasy Collection of tents last year, this is all about fun for everyone, and a key innovation to prove how Outwell puts families first. In the Fantasy Collection you will also have the stunning Kids Room ensuring every kids fun holiday, game set and lots of fun. 

Extensions and Awnings - 2008/2009.


We came up with the Extension concept in 2008, followed a year later by a complete range of Awnings. Simply, each allows you to add a further dimension to your Outwell tent when it’s needed – whether you want to add an Extension for extra shelter or a whole Awning for an additional, fully enclosed room. 

Extended Frame System - 2008.


The Outwell Extended Fame System is also unique. Here again, there is superior headroom and maximum stability, thanks to the initial strength of the tent’s main poles being able to support an offshoot pole via a cleverly designed special junction that also brings extra stability all-round. 

Carpets and Footprints - 2007.  


We were first to introduce the concept of Carpets and Footprints back in 2007. Carpets are for supreme in-tent underfoot comfort, ensuring a cosy, warm and homely feeling. A Footprint adds an extra dimension of insulation as well as protecting the main Groundsheet from direct contact with the ground, thus effectively extending the life of the tent. 

Sealed Ground System - 2005.


An early example of Outwell’s practical thinking. By keeping the groundsheet as an integral part of the tent we were able to offer unique all-weather protection – from the ground upwards! A sealed-in groundsheet really is the most effective way of keeping as much mud and dirt as possible out of the tent. And it ensures no unwanted little guests in your tent!