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No VAT increase at is pleased to announce that there will be no immediate price increases despite the rise in VAT to 20%

Many UK retailers have - or are - immediately increasing their current prices by 2.5% or more to compensate for the increased VAT charges now being charged to UK businesses.

Camping World have confirmed that they WILL NOT be increasing their current prices in line with the VAT increase*

Spokesman Michael Cloake said in a recent statement for the company: "as a reward for customer loyalty promoting growth in the company throughout 2010 in both camping and ski areas, Camping World is holding current prices for the benefit of our customers. We think it would be unfair to simply increase prices immediately following the national rise to 20% which would hit consumers during the traditional January sales, but much fairer to gradually incorporate the tax into future stock added for sale over the course of the year. With this approach we hope that customers will know where they stand, and that they will be able to shop as they normally would throughout the season".

A great way to start the year then, with added savings to be had in the January sales with no worry about the VAT change!

*Please also note that children's clothing is exempt from VAT.