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Kampa 2017 Inflatable Caravan Awnings

Kampa 2017 Inflatable Caravan Awnings

....There’s a Kampa awning for everyone

No-one has more experience of lightweight awnings than Kampa. The creator of the Kampa range was responsible for the very first lightweight awnings in the UK and for many of the designs available in the market today across Europe.

Kampa understand that your awning is an important extension to your caravan and you would like the same quality, design and ease of use that your caravan gives. You want an awning you’d be proud to attach to your caravan and that provides first class accommodation on site, yet remains amongst the easiest of awnings to set up and dismantle whilst being structurally the most secure.

Kampa's newest innovations bring you the very latest enhancements to ensure that Kampa awnings stay ahead of the pack. Our bestselling awnings are continually developed to ensure that they offer the best in design, materials and function and that they remain the finest available.

All Kampa lightweight awnings feature sewn in sealing bumper pads to create a seal between awning and caravan; this can be further improved by using the optional rear pole sets and the innovative new Limpet system that attaches the rear of the awning to your caravan. The awnings are made from attractive heavy duty materials - we invite you to ’feel the difference’. All awnings come complete with a draught skirt, fully adjustable pegging points, pegs, instructions and a large compression bag that you can easily pack the awning back into!

For 2017 Kampa have several new awnings. Take a careful look at their two Classic AIR Expert models, it’s hard to spot that these are inflatable – they have the look, materials and feel of a classic awning with the ease and security of our one-point inflation system. Also new, for those who like a bit of space, is the Rally AIR Pro Plus. This has a large integrated annexe and can be ordered in left hand or right hand versions. Kampa's new flagship model, the Frontier AIR Pro, is their largest ever awning yet it is easy to inflate like all our AIR models.

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Kampa Frontier Awning 2017

Kampa Air PLus 201








Kampa Frontier Air Pro Awning 2017


The ultimate inflatable awning and our new flagship model. If it’s space that you require then the Frontier will meet all your requirements as it’s one of the largest awnings available. The Frontier is eight metres wide, yet it only needs a caravan with a horizontal awning rail of just over four metres, and the depth is an impressive three metres. As with all Kampa AIR awnings, the Frontier is inflated through a single inflation point and the three front panels can be removed to make it easier to thread the awning onto the caravan. Once set up you can revel in the large open inside space with loads of room for furniture and all your other caravanning equipment. 

All three centre panels can be zipped down, veranda style, or completely removed. You can even replace them with mesh panels for those hot days when you want to keep the insects out. Each of the end extensions has its own front door and a window in the rear panel so, if the extension covers your caravan window, you can still see out into the awning. The rear panels also have zipped access for any lockers behind them.

Kampa Rally Air Pro Plus Awning 2017


All the features and functions of our Rally AIR Pro with a bit more space. The side extension is particularly useful - it
can be used as a wet weather entrance or somewhere to kick off your shoes. Alternatively, for storage as somewhere
to park the bikes or house outdoor furniture or simply for extra living space when you’re entertaining. It could also
be used for extra sleeping accommodation, with the optional inner tent, when you’ve got guests. You can choose
how you use this versatile space. The awning can be left divided or you can remove the side panel to open it up
as one large area.

The Plus has all our latest features including the ability to accept mesh front panels and our Limpet System. The
extension is inflated at the same time as the rest of the awning through the single inflation point making it as easy to
set up as the rest of our awnings. If the extension covers a caravan window you can open a flap on the rear panel
to reveal a window, allowing unimpeded access into the awning from the caravan and there’s zipped access to any
lockers that may be behind the extension. The Plus is available in left and right versions (looking at the front of the