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Brand new Kampa 2013 tents unveiled

Kampa have unveiled a much expanded new range of tent for 2013, with many of their best-selling tents seeing updates and a whole host of new tent designs to boot.

The most talked about introductions are the range of inflatable air tents - the first polyester air tents to feature the single inflation point and air poles tested up to 22 psi for infallible rigidity in even the most extreme conditions. Unlike other manufacturers, each Kampa pole section is tested for 48 hours in the factory before use, and cannot be over-inflated by hand meaning no worries with poles exploding in the heat.

The increased operating pressure also gives unbeatable rigidity to the tent, keeping it very stable even in high winds.

Kampa's new inflatables span the market, starting at a relatively affordable 4 man air tent, moving through the range to the luxurious Filey 6 Air, the inflatable version of their best selling classic - a snip at £1200 RRP.

Whilst much is made of the high price of inflatable tents given their lack of poles, simply put this new air technology costs money to develop, and air tents are arguably less prone to weather damage which will hopefully increase the lifespan of the tents. Add in some cool new features, increased thickness of the polyester and the overall ease of camping with these new tents and you have a sure fire winner - watch out for limited numbers though as 2013 will see models sell out in record time.

Next up is the Endurance range which Kampa have developed to add some quality materials and manufacturing to the small tent market. Using the technology they have developed from their popular family tents, Kampa have made a range targeted at weekenders and festival goers that features quality specifications to ensure campers stay dry and can have all their creature comforts including canopy poles, high hydrostatic head fabric and cable entry points in even the smallest tents.

Let's not forget the family tents though, as Kampa have added to their range of Fileys, Bamburghs and Croyes with the ultra-spacious Broadhaven Range, where you could conceivably get lost inside the tent! Featuring multiple bedrooms, large living and dining areas and enclosed storage space, the Broadhaven addresses all the needs of a large family going camping and has space and versatility for all camping setups.

The new 2013 Kampa range will be live and available for pre-order very soon, with Camping World stocking the full range both online at and in store.

Most Kampa tents will be available to view on display at our huge outdoor tent displays in both West Sussex and Surrey from around March 2013.

View the entire 2013 Kampa Tent, Air Tent & Awning Range now

View the entire 2013 Kampa Tent, Air Tent & Awning Range now