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‘What is it about fire?’ The question that started a brand…

Now and again a simple idea or question may plant a seed. Then, with a little feeding and love, that seed starts to grow and gather momentum, ultimately escalating into something industry-changing and revolutionary.

Such is the case with Kindwood - this is our story

One winter night, two friends were sitting in front of a firepit putting the world to rights. The fire warmed them. It was comforting. Staring into the flames was fascinating – hypnotic even – and it prompted one of them to ask the question:

‘What is it about fire that feels so good?’

Of course, there are many answers. We know fire has provided a source of warmth, comfort, and safety to humans for more than 400,000 years. And it could be much longer - scientists are currently arguing about recent discoveries that suggest humans may have controlled fire as long as 1.7 million years ago.

Whichever it is, fire has been an essential part of human development. It’s allowed us to cook our food, move to colder areas, and it’s offered us protection against potential predators and enemies.

So, perhaps it’s primal instincts that give us our affinity to fire? Certainly, cultures the world over share the same attraction to fire as we do. However, now we have gas and electric cookers and central heating at the flick of a switch, we don’t rely on it like our forefathers did. But we still love it, and for most people nothing beats the feel, smell, and sound of logs burning on an open fire or in a wood burning stove.



People & Planet Kind Warmth

We see sustainability as a given. It's something we should simply be doing out of the goodness of our hearts and love for our home, earth. In effort to keep you aware of out focus areas, and ambitions we created this page to communicate exactly that. 


  • Logs sourced within 80 miles or less radius of Kindwood's place of work
    At no time will we source our logs outside of an 80-mile radius. If we are sourcing sustainably, from sustainably managed woodlands there will be no need to go outside of this radius. In most cases, we will not need to source logs outside of a 40-mile radius, but at peaks, we allow for a max 80-mile radius. 
  • Strict criteria which will be used to prevent the use of unsustainable timber purchasing and causing further damage to our woodlands
    It can be difficult to know whether or not the wood you are purchasing comes from truly sustainable woodland. Sometimes it can be sold off as coppiced or thinned timber when in some cases it is not. We have developed a screening process which will identify the best suppliers of timber, to prevent any negative impact on our environment and our reputation as sustainable suppliers. We will run audits with agencies, contractors and woodlands owners.
  • Partner with The Woodland Trust to plant more trees across the UK
    We aim to partner with The Woodland Trust as 'Corporate Partners' to plant trees with every bulk order bought. Rather than 'other' it as an option, we're biting into our profit (purpose over profit) to plant more trees, this way we know we are planting more than we are using. 
  • Promoting sustainability through our communications (for example, packaging, social media, campaigns)
    Our customers must know exactly where our wood comes from, how it's processed and for what reasons. this way we can form an authentic bond with our consumers. No other competitors tell you exactly where it comes from. We aim to with every order to provide our customers with an exact location of the source of their firewood.

The Process

  • Waste Heat Drying (Kiln Dried)
    Our solid fuels are dried using the waste heat.
  • Processing Uses 100% Renewable Energy
    Our process which uses electricity comes from 100% renewable sources, coming from an on-site biogas plant. 


  • Surplus Orange Peel Waste
    We source surplus orange peel waste from our friends at B.Fresh to create our exciting Natural Firelighters. 
  • Refurbished Pallets/Crates
    From our standard pallets to our crates, we will make sure that all timber used is refurbished. Timber is a long-lasting material, there is no need to consistently buy virgin when greatness already exists. In particular all our crates come from farms or orchards, used to collect fruits and veg.
  • Zero Plastic
    This is crucial. Our entire process will be plastic-free, from our packaging, distribution and other. We will also work with our Supply Chain to encourage alternative options, to prevent further plastic waste.
  • Our Timber
    Locally sourced (within 80-miles) from either ASNW (Ancient Semi-Natural Woodlands), SSSI (Sites of Significant Interest) or Extremely local sustainably managed woodlands (within 20 miles). We only endorse thinning projects, from coppicing plants.


  • All energy sourced from Renewable Energy
    All the energy we consume comes from an onsite biogas plant
  • Energy provider to endorse or provide renewable energy (Green Tariff)
    Should we ever require more energy, we will source our energy from providers such as Bulb who offer 100% renewable energy. At no point can we promote or use energy derived from fossil fuels. 
  • Purchase an electric fleet where possible (vans, cars, trucks)


  • Certify B-Corp in 2020
    Being B-Corp would mean we will legally consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers, community and environment.
  • Certify Carbon Neutral by 2021
    We want to build credibility with customers, stakeholders, and shareholders by independently verifying our environmental data. We must measure what matters, to identify opportunities to drive year-on-year improvements. This certification pinpoints resource consumption and helps improve operational efficiency at the product, organisational or supply chain level.
  • Certify Grown in Britain in 2020 (Not currently certified - 2020 Goal)
    All our timber material must be sourced with in the UK ONLY. We want to bring UK woodlands back into management, in doing so helping raise the current 40% under managed woodlands. We must provide our customers with the assurance that our wood fuel comes from sustainability managed woodlands, and show that we are support British woods, and the benefits they bring to our economy, environment and wildlife. Promoting our supply chain's integrity and product origin through the certification mark.
  • FSC Certified Products 2020 (Not currently certified - 2020 Goal)
  • Certify Woodsure in 2020
    Wood or biomass can now be used as a sustainable fuel to provide heat, hot water, energy and even pleasure, on both large and small scale. In most cases, wood is considered to be carbon lean, meaning that each tree absorbs the same amount of carbon dioxide when growing as it releases when burned. The Ready To Burn Certification mark is to demonstrate our fuel has a moisture content consistently below 20%. 

Burning wood below 20% moisture content will burn roughly 2x hotter than the average seasoned log, providing you with a longer and warmer burn. Crucially, the significant reduction of smoke and emissions from low MC logs, as much as 50% less polluting. 

The above certifications will provide quality assurance, and accountability to the sustainability of Kindwood — Environmentally, Socially and Economically.

Sustainable Development Goals

Kindwood — Sustainable — SDGs — Sustainable Development Goals | Kind Comfort

Kindwood Box of Kiln Dried Logs
Kindwood Box of Kiln Dried Kindling
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