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Camping Storage

We have a great range of camping storage from racks and cupboards to laundry baskets, storage cabinets and even bedside tables.   If you need storage for camping, we've got you covered!

Kelty Camp Gallery Deluxe
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Kelty: noun | \kel-tee\ (1) activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation. (2) something way more fun than work

At Kelty, pranks on the boss, bring your pet to work day, and working with the sound turned up aren’t perks for our crew, they’re our daily “jams.” The whole “work hard to play hard” thing is actually reversed for us. Here, playing outside is WHY we’re here. Kelty gives you the easy and spontaneous excuse you need to get out there and escape from the mundane. We build great gear that’s made to last and inspire you to rediscover the joy of spontaneous play. Every. Day.

Kelty is:
BUILT TO LAST: It shows in our products. Since 1952.
THE INSTIGATOR: Need a nudge? Let’s play.
SPONTANEOUS: It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?
ADVENTUROUS: Camping doesn’t just mean next to your car & epic doesn’t just mean bagging peaks.
INSPIRING: Let’s switch up the routine.
FUN & PLAYFUL: It’s like summer camp - for kids AND grown-ups.