Fire Dragon Fuel including Gas Refill, Wood and Coal

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Fire Dragon Clean Solid Fuel Tablets UN1325
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A fuel category for 5% VAT rated products including gas, charcoal, wood, instant bonfires and other fuels
Fire Dragon Logo FireDragon is the latest innovation from BCB International Ltd. Our technically advanced Solid fuel is powerful, safe to use, waterproof and environmentally friendly. Designed in collaboration with Cardiff University, FireDragon is the safer, geen solid fuel of the future.

FireDragon was designed by BCB International in partnership with Prof. D. Knight & Dr. I. Morgan of Cardiff University.

FireDragon is a patented product of BCB International Ltd.

Safe to use
FireDragon is a safe bio-fuel. It contains NO Nitrogen and NO Sulfur. It releases no dangerous, toxic or smelly gasses.

FireDragon is an Ethanol based bio-fuel. Unlike fossil-fuels it is created from a renewable source and kind to the environment

High calorific value
FireDragon has a high calorific value of approx. 28,000 kJ / kg