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At Camping World we stock a large range of tents including family tents, backbacking tents, air tents, pop up tents and tipi tents. Some of our biggest tent brands include Outwell, DometicKampa, Zempire, Robens & Nordisk. Our passion is with tents and we try and stock the best tents for all occasions and needs. 

Easy Camp Moonlight Yurt Tent
Easy Camp Moonlight Tipi Tent 2022
Easy Camp Spirit 300 Tent 2022
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Easy Camp Blazar 300 Tent 2022
Easy Camp Magnetar 200 Tent 2022
Easy Camp Day Lounge Shelter 2022
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Easy Camp Magnetar 400 Tent 2022
Easy Camp Tarp 3x3
Easy Camp Energy 200 Tent 2022
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Easy Camp Blazer 400 Tent 2022
Easy Camp Spirit 200 Tent 2021
Easy Camp Tarp 4x4
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Camping Tents

We are proud to be able to stock the largest range of tents in the UK online. We have a tent for every occasion, whether you need a large tent for a family adventure, a lightweight tent for mountainous hike or a cheaper style tent for partying hard at a festival, we have them all. We also have some fantastic tent package deals designed to make the buying process a lot easier for the customer, so please have a look at these options too. Another addition to our range are the newer style air tents, gone are the days of lots of metal poles and some time scratching your head, these air tents are inflated in just minutes.

Easy Camp Logo

Easy Camp – celebrating 25 years!

At Easy Camp we want to make the outdoors easy for everyone – a fun, vibrant environment in which to enjoy the freedom of life. It is the experience that counts and our aim is to turn dreams to reality by creating easy to use and understand, modern, functional products within the parameters of value and quality. And by adding striking and smart designs we help campers to live life to the full outdoors in contemporary style, embracing the energy of the natural world.

Easy Camp is ideal for:

• Young people looking for inexpensive camping equipment for festival, activities, vacation, micro adventure or similar.
• People who want to camp within a clearly defined budget yet still desire suitable performance comfort and style.

We introduce two new tents and a tarp to our six ranges offered in 2022, plus additions to our Utility range. News includes…

Whether hiking, pedalling, paddling or enjoying engine-power, there’s no shortage of styles, weights

and packed sizes in the 24 GO tents on offer. New Magnetar 200 and 400 models offer extended porch tunnel tents and the Void Tarp provides a handy shelter. Ventilation to all TOUR family tents has been evolved to improve air flow for a better camping experience. We add a new Oceanic large pop-up beach shelter and Cliff Tarp that folds into its own storage pocket for convenience, to the popular SUMMER range of shelters – perfect for events, picnics, days on the beach and more.