Create Your Own Awning Package

Ever wanted to buy an awning package but it doesn't include the accessories you're after? We have created an offer to allow you to create your own package deal. All you have to do is add one of our awnings to your basket and this will allow you to ge a further 10% off all our awning accessories.

Below is an example of what your basket may look like once you have added an awning. A quick way to get to the awning accessories is to click the basket offer named '10% Off Your Awning Accessories'. 


Once you have clicked the green 'View Accessories' button you will land on a page titled '10% Off your Awning Accessories' and from here you can see all our awning accessories with our normal price and your exclusive 10% off price too. There is no limited to the amount of accessories you can add so please enjoy creating your own awning package.


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