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CleverSpa Inflatable Kayaks, Boats & SUPs

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Our range of inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats are new to our site and we are extremely excited to be able to offer you such fun products to enhance any outdoor adventure. 
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Shop our CleverSpa collection today at Camping World - where we've got everything you need under the same roof. From hot tubs of various sizes, to filter cartridges and various other accessories, we've got all you could possibly need. Find the perfect hot tub for you this Summer with Camping World.

CleverSpa Airpro 2 Person Inflatable Kayak
CleverSpa Airpro 1 Person Inflatable Kayak
CleverSpa Airpro Kayak Paddle
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Clever Company

Clever Company sells clever products that are new, innovative and simply better.

With a 30 year history in design, manufacture and distribution, is here to make your product choices easier, supported in the knowledge that anything available on this site comes with great innovation, thoughtful design and a commitment to delivering great value – we hope you enjoy the clever experience.


Turn any garden or patio into a space that can be used the whole year round with a CleverSpa® inflatable hot tub. In the summer time, it’s the perfect way to chill out with family and friends while you enjoy a cold drink and the laid-back vibe that’s all part of the relaxing and rejuvenating hot tub experience.

And even in the coldest evenings can’t stop the party when there’s a warm welcome up to 42°C and hundreds (up to 140) of powerful underwater bubblejets waiting to massage away the winter blues.

Enhance the CleverSpa® experience by choosing the hot tubs with LED all surrounding lights, as well as adding on drink holders and headrests from the range of CleverSpa® accessories.