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BCB Adventure Fireball Grand Flint and Striker
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Survival Fire Lighting and Camping Fire Lighting

On a camping adventure and need a fire lit, then youve come to the right place we have all the fire lighting equipment you need to stay warm and cook on including flint strikers, survival matches, fuel blocks and windproof lighters.

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BCB Adventure and Survival Equipment

BCB International was originally formed in 1854 by an entrepreneur named Doctor Brown who invented 'Doctor Brown's Cough Bottle', which became a popular elixir of the period. As the popularity grew so did the company, and by 1914 Dr Brown's company was registered as B.C.B Limited and has remained at the forefront of innovation to this day.

BCB adopted a CANEI policy early on, standing for 'Continuous and Never Ending Innovation', and are responsible for hundreds of quality products respected by adventurers and extreme travelers the world over. All BCB products are designed and tested to exacting standards to ensure their use is reliable and dependable - many products are specifically engineered for extremes ranging from Arctic winters to scorching desert conditions. BCB International gear supported the first successful climb of Mount Everest 'the hard way', and has featured as standard kit in both Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Dr Mike Stroud's polar expeditions so you can be sure of the pedigree of BCB equipment.

BCB International also manufacture the Bushcraft brand for outdoor retailers, encompassing a wide range of quality bushcraft equipment and survival gear manufactured for practicality and quality, and Advanced Combat Equipment for the armed forces and Special Forces units worldwide.