Thermos Bento Food Pod 1.8L  £39.99

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The convenient way to eat homemade food on the go, this large-capacity flask has a comfortable carry handle and is ideal for broth, soup and food you've cooked. The innovative design enables you to keep both warm and cold food in one flask to ensure your own healthy meals travel with you.

For safety and hygiene please ensure that your Thermos product is cleaned with warm water and washing-up liquid prior to initial use. For best results from your product, before use, pre-fill for about three minutes, using either hot water for hot food or cold water for chilled food.

Never use a microwave or conventional oven to pre-heat your product. If your product has not been used for some time, rinse with warm water to remove any residual odours. Do not immerse in water. Store with the stopper off. For difficult stains put a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in hot water with the stopper off. Can be soaked overnight. DO NOT overfill your product. Leave sufficient space in the neck to fit the stopper. After filling, always ensure that both the outside cup and stopper are tightly closed.

Thermos vaccuum insualtion for maximum temperature retention hot or cold
Cool to the touch with hot liquids, sweat-proof with cold liquids
Stainless steel compartment retains heat when refrigerated
Extra wide mouths on all three compartments are easy to fill, serve from and clean
Three stacking compartments for hot and cold food storage
Includes stainless steel full size spork and integrated carry handle
Keeps Hot 16 hours and cold 24 hours

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