Emove EM203 Chain Driven Caravan Motor Mover  £598.99

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Emove EM203 Caravan Mover - Chain Driven

The EM203 caravan manoeuvring system by Leisurewize is a perfect entry level caravan mover for the budget conscious caravanner. Whilst the price is cheap it still features a high quality chain drive gearbox and robust aluminium rollers for great grip. Engagement is manual and operated both sides simultaneously.

The simple-to-use remote handset allows smooth start and stop and change of direction without having to stop.

Emove caravan movers are quality checked and are TÜV approved.

  • Manoeuvring system: easily engage and disengage the drive rollers to and from the tires (both sides simultaneously) with the supplied crank
  • Incorporates soft start/stop technology for accurate and jolt free manoeuvring
  • Solid aluminium drive rollers
  • Splash proof and corrosion resistant
  • Error messages are shown by LEDs on the control box and remote control
  • Very user-friendly remote control with soft grip and buttons that are easy to operate
  • 5 year parts only warranty


Designation EM203
Operational Voltage 12 Volt DC
Average Current 
level ground
20 Ampere
Maximum current consumption 100 Ampere
Speed approx 9cm/s
Weight approx. 37 kg
Overall Weight
Overall weight
on 18% Gradient
Cross actuation Manual
Axle configuration Single axle
Warranty (Parts Only) 5 yrs