BCB Adventure Pro Beef 35g  £4.99

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Here at Pro Beef we pride ourselves in being one of the healthiest protein sports products on the market. As well having No MSG, No Gluten and No Added Sugar, Pro Beef is also really low in carbohydrates and fat too. Which makes it a really great lean protein product, perfect for pre/post workouts.
So to prove this we have gathered some nutritional comparisons of several different protein bars, shakes and other beef/jerky products on the market and averaged out their nutritional values to compare with ours. Take a look on the tabs on the left to see for yourself!
Protein (61.08g)
Calories (280.6)
Carbohydrates (1.39g) of which sugars (0.84g)
Fat (3.43g)of which are saturates (1.56g)
Sodium (1.75g)