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Fantastic Offers with Outwell's Campaign Special Range

It’s back, it’s loud and it’s ludicrously cheap! Outwell’s by now much anticipated mid-season release of a family-focused range of must have camping gear is now out – bigger and better value than ever.

Designed to bring a uniquely affordable range of Outwell branded equipment to the market and aimed specifically at families and new campers, this year the Campaign Specials feature only the best-selling, most popular products from the last few years. Perfect for starting out on a low-cost family holiday, this year’s colour scheme is a warm and lively green – prefect for that recession-busting, environmentally friendly holiday.

 Outwell Arizona L Tent 2012 Campaign Special
Outwell Arizona L Tent 2012 – One of the most popular Outwell Tents of all time, The Outwell Arizona L is uniquely designed as a small sturdy tent that gives full standing height. Returning mid-season in the best colour scheme and with a whopping £85 off retail there’s going to be a rush to bag one of these before they run out
Outwell Newport L Tent 2012 Campaign Special
Outwell Newport L Tent 2012 – New to the market is the Outwell Newport L, copying the style of the Outwell Wisconsin L. Fully double skinned throughout with sleek flat pole sleeves and a contemporary, vibrant look, the Newport L will be very popular with families looking for a low cost, quality Outwell tent
Outwell Low Seater Chair 2012 Campaign Special
Outwell Low Seater Chair 2012 – Great for providing a comfortable sitting area in places with limited headroom, the Outwell Low Seater is a compact, yet comfy chair with a distinctive striped pattern. Ideal for relaxing and sun-bathing

Outwell Beach Umbrella 2012 – A giant umbrella with robust frame and clever zip-off sides, the new Outwell Beach Umbrella combines all the ease of putting up an umbrella with the versatility of being able to close off the sides. Perfect for protection and privacy on the beach, the Beach Umbrella is also set to be a hit with fishermen and outdoor concert goers

Outwell Kitchen Store 2012 – New in 2011, the Kitchen Store sold out almost overnight; a perfectly handy and well-proportioned storage-cum-washing-up-bowl, the Outwell Kitchen store provide the ideal solution to campsite clutter. With a hefty discount off RRP, the Outwell Kitchen Store is set to fly off the shelves

Outwell Relax Double Self Inflating Mat – With self-inflating mats taking over from air beds for popularity, now is the best time for Outwell to release an ultra-deep 5cm double mat for an astonishingly low price. With limited numbers, don’t expect to see these available for long 

Outwell Relax Single Self Inflating Matt Campaign Special
Outwell Relax Single Self Inflating Mat – A single size self-inflating mat to compliment the Relax Double, Outwell’s Relax Single is also 5cm deep and provides extra-cosy cushioning and insulation for a trouble free night. Ideal for the kids, expect to see plenty of these moving at this price
Outwell 24 Litre 12V Cool Box Campaign Special
Outwell 24 Litre 12V Cool Box – Always a winner and frozen at the same price as last year, the Outwell 24 Litre Cool Box represents superb value for money. Handy, durable and very practical, the 24 Litre cool box works both as a cooler and can also warm food up to 60 degrees
Outwell Freeway Sleeping Bag Campaign Special
Outwell Freeway Single Sleeping Bag – A fantastic family sleeping bag, the Freeway Single is comfortable, warm and cosy. Perfect as a sleeping bag both on the campsite and at home, the full length L shape zip also means the Freeway can be opened out for use as a snuggly blanket wherever you are.
Outwell Roadtrip Double Sleeping Bag 2012 Campaign Special
Outwell Roadtrip Double Sleeping Bag – Back with vengeance, the Outwell Roadtrip is one of the fastest selling double sleeping bags of all time and this year we’ve made it even cheaper than last year’s bag! Such good value, we’re surprised we’ve still got any Roadtrips left as the staff all wanted one – fortunately we buy BIG so we do, but you can’t get a better endorsement than that!
Outwell Cooltime M Coolbag 2012 Campaign Special
Outwell Cooltime M Soft Cool Bag – How else to round of a stunning range than with a super-cool soft carry bag. Designed for picnics and as a very practical cool bag, the Outwell Cooltime M looks styling, works well and will keep your goodies cool until you need them

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