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National Family Week 30th May - 5th June

The daily grind, the commute, the shopping, the school run, the cooking, the washing... do you ever stop to think about what its all for? The answer is really quite simple: to support the next generation. Work surely makes the world go round but rarely do we as a nation take a little time out to spend with our partners and children, even though they are the future.

National Family Week is one week a year aimed at bringing families closer together; for people to spend some quality time with their loved ones and cherish those moments all too easily missed in our endless daily tasks.

So what will you be doing?

Many companies support National Family Week and the scheme is wholeheartedly endorsed by the Prime Minister and other leading figures both in the world of politics and celebrity. It is possible to find some great deals on day trips, holidays or family days out during National Family Week - all of which are family-focused so taking the kids is easy.

Lots of people choose to go camping during National Family Week, a chance to get closer to nature and provide a real family-centred experience for kids and adults alike. The camping experience brings everyone together and everyone can get involved in activities from pitching the tent through to gathering firewood and toasting those all important marshmallows! Sleeping under canvas is also a great way of bringing you closer to your kids - the joys of listening to them snore next door!

The great outdoors is always an adventure and both kids and adults can find plenty of things to do from walking to daily activities in country locations or nearby towns. Choose a campsite with loads of on site facilities and you can pitch up next to a ready made adventure playground for the kids.

Camping World has a huge range of everything you need for a great back-to-nature camping trip, with a wide selection of family tents, air beds, tools, cooking equipment, stoves, sleeping bags and much much more. Click onto and see what gear you need to go on a great family adventure tomorrow!