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Outwell Roof Protector 

The optional Roof Protector is available for: Vermont XLP and LP, Georgia 7P and 5P, Montana 6P and 5P, Alabama 5P and 6P, Nevada LP and MP Tents. It provides protection from damaging elements like UV-radiation, bird lime and tree sap while countering the effects of extreme temperatures and condensation. The large panels are attached across the pole sleeves leaving a gap between roof and the Protector allowing air to flow. One side of the Protector is silver coated, the other is black.

Technical specifications

Type of tent:

Roof Protector


Outtex® 10000 Silver Coated (75D 100% polyester taffeta) with taped seams

Pack size:

10 x 38 cm (Montana 5P)


11 x 38 cm (Montana 6P)


13 x 41 cm (Georgia 5P)


15 x 41 cm (Georgia 7P)


13 x 38 cm (Vermont LP)


14 x 46 cm (Vermont XLP)

15 x 40 cm (Alabama 7P)

13 x 40 cm (Alabama 5P)

8 x 35 cm (Nevada MP)

8 x 35 cm (Nevada LP)


1.0 kg (Montana 5P)


1.3 kg (Montana 6P)


1.6 kg (Georgia 5P)


1.8 kg (Georgia 7P)


1.8 kg (Vermont LP)


2.0 kg (Vermont XLP)

1.5 kg (Alabama 7P)

1.4 kg (Alabama 5P)

0.6 kg (Nevada MP)

0.6 kg (Nevada LP)


Protecting the tent roof from bird limes, tree sap, UV rays, rain etc.
Protecting the tent from heat by shading the roof and allowing air to flow below the Protector
Silver side out reflects the sun for a cooler tent
Black side out keeps the tent warm when the weather cools down
Allows a longer sleep in the morning making the tent darker
Cuts down condensation 

Premium Collection

The very foundation of the heritage of Outwell, this reliable and well-tested collection of high quality polyester tents offers a superb choice for family campers. Our Premium Collection represents the essential qualities that inspire our designers so it is not surprising that the ever-popular Montana 6P tent is an award winner as well as a top seller. Learning from feedback and striving for perfection means this core collection is further updated by fine tuning to make the most of the developments. Back for 2015 is the Roof Protection System designed to offer tent cooling/heating options as well as keeping them all in pristine condition by protecting them from bird droppings, tree sap and UV rays. 

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