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Outdoor Revolution Airedale 12 Air Tent Package Deal 2017  £1309.98

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Outdoor Revolution Airedale 12 Package Includes:

  • Airedale 12 Air Tent 2017
  • Airedale 12 Snugrug 2017
  • Airedale 12 Stone Protection Sheet 2017

The Airedale 12 is the perfect combination of a high-standard of quality and a lightweight tent; offering a significantly large capacity, meaning that the product is best suited to large groups of around 8 regular campers who are looking for a long lasting, durable and high-performing product. This particular tent is created using state of the art materials and is designed to excel in every way it can through its vast array of innovative and unique features; leaving another one of many fantastically high-performing products we have to offer, here at Outdoor Revolution! The only difference from the Airedale 8 to this product is that there is an extra Four Berth Micro-Polyester Inner Tent to use as either additional storage space or alternatively a larger living area.

  • 150HD. Hex.Endure Fabric
  • Dura-Tech. Single Inflation Point Tube
  • 5 Single Oxygen Air Frame Tubes
  • Dynamic Speed Valve
  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve
  • Lifetime Guarantee on the Tubes
  • Fibreglass Pole Integral Canopy
  • Sewn In Groundsheet
  • Tinted Windows
  • Embossed Zip In Curtains
  • 3 x 4 Berth Micro Polyester Inner Tents
  • Two Reflective Endurance Storm Straps
  • Phoenix Mesh Doors
  • WIDTH - 750CM
  • DEPTH - 830CM
  • HEIGHT - 225CM
  • BEDROOM SIZE - 280 X 210CM

This product is carefully crafted from our extremely lightweight, however, high density 150HD fabric which is exceptional due to the unparalleled benefits it offers in terms of strength, volume and weight. On top of this, the material has a Hex endure weave with strong bonds which not only offers a thicker and therefore stronger material overall, however, it also gives a more modernized and stylish aesthetic to the product.

The tent is constructed with a Single Inflation Point Tube frame in the main body of the product and on top of this, the frame has a Dura-Tech welding which makes inflation easier, as well as giving the product a higher longevity. The product can be assembled through using a manual/electric pump in order to erect the other Three Single Oxygen Air-Frame Tubes (for the bedroom pods and canopy) through the process of direct inflation/deflation (rather than having to set up poles) making it significantly easier and quicker for the customer to assemble/disassemble the product. On top of this, there is a speedy Dynamic Speed Valve which can be used for additional simplification of inflation/deflation- all at the press of a button. Along with this, there is an Intelligent Frame Relief Valve which helps to prevent overinflation and damage caused by this to the tent.

The product has an integral Sewn-In Groundsheet which not only offers additional ease when pitching the tent, however, also helps to reduce moisture and condensation from getting into the tent. There are numerous built-in Tinted Windows which add an extra degree of privacy for the outdoor enthusiast whilst also blocking out glare/UV rays from the sun and allowing it to be brighten the tent at the same time. Embossed Zip-In Curtains means that there is a further degree of security whilst also making it feel more like home for the customer.

The mesh doors of this product are crafted with our unique and innovative Phoenix Mesh – a smart material which self-repairs ‘snag’ damage caused over time, furthermore increasing the durability and longevity of the tent. Along with this, there is an Integral Front Canopy with a Fiberglass Pole which offers a water-resistant shelter for cooking or extra storage. Another incredible feature of this particular tent would be that it comes complete with 3 x 4 Berth Micro-Polyester Inner Tents which offers an exceptional capacity with multiple ventilation points and a breathable material to help prevent it getting too stuffy within the tent in warmer temperatures and to combat condensation during cooler temperatures. To top off everything, there are two reflective endurance Storm Straps which are used in order to provide unequalled stability of the tent within poorer weather conditions.

Optional Extras: 
Airedale 12 Footprint - OR17882
Airedale 12 Snugrug - OR17874
Airedale 12 Lounge Liner - OR17886
Airedale 12 UV Cover - OR17888
Jet Stream Electric Pump - OR17010
Super Storm Kit - PEG712
Deluxe Storm Kit - PEG714

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