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In 1903 Coleman began as a manufacturer of fine lanterns in America and quickly built its outstanding reputation all across the United States. Quickly becoming a house hold name, Coleman supplied not only for domestic use, but the Coleman lanterns were used in industry including mining and farming for many years and still are to an extent today!
In 1965 Coleman then turned its attention to not only manufacturing outdoor lanterns but began developing other camping products such as Tents, Sleeping bags, Rucksacks and various Camping accessories. Now supplying all across the globe Coleman is a household name with a reputation for quality and innovative style.
As an American company Coleman have adapted their tents and products to suit the different climates and needs of each individual country but have kept their American heritage which is portrayed in their stylish range of products including the famous fuel burning lantern, its descendent is still available to buy to this day!
Weather your purchasing a Coleman torch, tent, or sleeping bag, rest assured its superior quality will not let you down.