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Camping World 3 Year Extended Warranty 

Our exclusive extended warranty covers any and all products purchased with this policy. Whether you buy 1 or 100 products from us, all items are covered by one policy. 

COMPLETE - a complete 3 year policy for all orders

Gives you ultimate protection:

3 year warranty cover

EU wide cover

Covers any defects or faults

All poles

All stitching and fabric

Fast resolution to any problem

As a holder of a Camping World extended warranty you can expect priority treatment, a named claims handler and the fastest possible resolution to any problem you face. For repairs, we will ensure an expedited process and where a replacement item is deemed appropriate, we will aim to get that replacement to you anywhere in Europe*. 

Most manufactures will provide a basic warranty as standard, however these can range from 30 days to 12 months and after 6 months the responsibility is on the buyer to prove a fault was present at the point of manufacture. Camping World warranties last a minimum of 3 years and cover much more than any standard manufacturer warranty on the market. What's more, you don't have to go through the manufacturer's sometimes-lengthy warranty procedure for claims.

*Single items over 30Kg may attract a shipping surcharge to certain European destinations.

3 Year Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the protection plan

Your receipt together with your plan details act as proof of entitlement to the protection plan

Your Plan Benefits

You are entitled to access our UK-based customer service line on (+44) 01252 316 649 to receive help if your equipment is faulty or not working

If your equipment suffers a fault or failure and our customer services team are not able to resolve the problem we will, in our discretion, decide whether to approve a repair, and then pay for the parts and labour cost of repair, or may replace or pay the cost of replacing your equipment, in each case subject to the terms and conditions below

Terms and Conditions General

1. There is no limit to the number of repairs to your equipment which can be approved during the period of your plan
2. Repair work authorised by us will be carried out during our repairers' normal working hours only, which are typically Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm and may take up to 3 weeks
3. You must be able to return your equipment to the store or, in the case of online orders, package your equipment securely for courier transport and you are liable for any damages caused through inadequate packaging
4. Applications for repairs of equipment will only be considered where the equipment is no longer covered by any supplier's, manufacturer's or repairer's guarantee
5. You must use your equipment in line with the manufacturer's instructions and must not modify it
6. Your equipment must not have been lost, stolen, misused, neglected, poorly installed, subject to malicious damage, or damage caused by fire, explosion, floods, lightning, storms, frost or other bad weather conditions, rust, mildew, corrosion or water
6. Your equipment must not be subject to a current recall either by us, the supplier or the manufacturer
7. Your equipment must be used in a domestic setting. Equipment used in a non-domestic or commercial setting must be subject to our prior approval in writing or the warranty will be deemed invalid
8. Your equipment must be repaired within the United Kingdom unless we agree otherwise in writing, and all collections and deliveries must be to an address in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium or Denmark. We may extend this policy to cover further countries if agreed in advance in writing.
9. You are liable for the cost of repairs if there is no fault found with the equipment, or to the extent that it requires routine maintenance, cleaning, servicing, cosmetic repairs (e.g. damage to paintwork, dents or scratches) or where there is any problem with the supply of electricity, gas or water.
10. Payment will not be approved for costs arising from being unable to use your equipment (e.g. lost pitch fees) or for any other loss or damage not included under your plan benefits which arises from the failure of your equipment
11. If, when you require services from this policy there is any other service agreement or an insurance policy under which you are entitled to claim, we may only pay an appropriate proportion
12. We recommend you care for your equipment with appropriate products and take out full insurance against situations outside this extended warranty
13. Poles: where a tent pole repair is approved we will undertake to supply the necessary replacement parts for you to undertake a simple home repair. For the avoidance of doubt, for a fibreglass pole this will normally be a single replacement pole section of the size and type required and a pole repair kit. For steel/alloy poles we will usually require a proefessional repair. You will receive full instructions on how to undertake the repair.
14. Air bladders: for modern tents with air poles formed of air bladders and valves we may supply the correct replacement part for a simple home repair or, if suitable, an air bladder repair kit. For the avoidance of doubt this warranty does not cover malicious or willful damage. You will receive full instructions on how to undertake the repair
15. You must contact us for advice and, where necessary, authorisation before attempting to undertake any self repair to any item covered under this warranty.

Due to health and safety at work regulations we require goods to be returned clean, dry and hygienic for inspection and repair. If the equipment is dirty or wet it will be returned immediately at the expense of the buyer. The general rule is that if it smells, is visibly dirty or wet it will be rejected

The plan does not include:

- the failure of the equipment to operate correctly caused by the withdrawal of services by a third party (including, but not limited to, loss of electricity, gas or water services)
- damage or failure of the equipment due to user actions (e.g. during pitching or striking a tent) unless you have accidental damage cover under the BLACK policy
- image retention on LCD screens, plasma or projection TV screens
- replacement of consumer durables unless expressly specified (e.g. steel/alloy pole sections, pegs, batteries, light bulbs and fuses) or parts damaged through incorrect handling or storage unless you have accidental damage cover under the BLACK extended warranty policy
- accessories bought separately to the covered item(s) unless we agree otherwise in writing

Replacement Equipment

1. If a repair is approved, we may replace your equipment with new equipment of the same or similar make and specification, if we decide not to repair it. In the case of pole repairs, we may replace your equipment with suitable new or refurbished equipment

2. If we cannot reasonably arrange a replacement we may decide to pay you a contribution towards the cost of the new equipment. Usually this will be vouchers redeemable from our retail stores or in rare cases an alternative retailer chosen by us. We will base this contribution on the price we would normally obtain directly from our chosen supplier

When your equipment has been replaced under condition 1 or 2 above your plan will end immediately

When your equipment has been replaced you will be responsible for disposing of the original equipment at your own cost if it remains in your possession

You must also pay for the supplier's delivery and/or installation charges and for any outstanding plan fee instalments, for example, if you have made your original purchase through finance.

Your Right To Change Your Mind/Cancellations

Your right to change your mind:

You may cancel the plan at any time within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund, unless your equipment has already been replaced or written-off


You may cancel the plan at any time after the “right to change your mind” period outlined above, and we will refund a proportion of your plan fee relating to the remaining full months outstanding, unless your equipment has already been replaced or written-off.

If we have provided you with replacement equipment or a write-off settlement at any point during the period of your plan then your plan will end and no refund will be due

To cancel your plan, please call us on (+44) 01252 316 649. You can also cancel by clicking on ‘contact us' at or by writing to Warranty Department, Camping & Leisure World Limited, Unit 4 Blackwater Trading Estate, 26 Blackwater Way, Aldershot, Hampshire GU12 4DJ

The plan can be cancelled by us by giving you 14 days' notice in writing to your last known address. A refund of the amount paid for the remaining full months of the plan will be given

How to Contact Us or Complain

Call the Customer Service Department on (+44) 01252 316 649; write to the Commercial Director, Camping & Leisure World Limited, Unit 4 Blackwater Trading Estate, 26 Blackwater Way, Aldershot, Hampshire GU12 4DJ; email us by clicking on 'contact us' on our website (

If you are not satisfied with any of the services we provide or the way in which we have exercised our discretion you can ask for your case to be reviewed by Camping & Leisure World and a final decision will be made on behalf of the Managing Director

Telephoning Camping and Leisure World Limited

Your telephone calls may be recorded to monitor and improve the quality of the service provided.

Data Protection

Your details will be held and used by Camping & Leisure World Limited and selected companies acting on our behalf to administer your plan. We may pass your data to any relevant regulator or dispute resolution provider. We may also use your data for training and testing purposes. If you have given us permission, your details may also be used by us or third parties for other marketing purposes. We may disclose your information to our service providers and agents for these purposes. We and the third parties (if applicable) may contact you by mail, telephone or email. If you no longer want your data to be used by third parties or by us for marketing purposes and you have not already notified us please write to the Data Protection Officer at: Camping & Leisure World Limited, Unit 4 Blackwater Trading Estate, 26 Blackwater Way, Aldershot, Hampshire GU12 4DJ. To help keep your details accurate we may use information we receive from our partners. You can ask us for a copy of your details (for a small fee) and to correct any inaccuracies. To improve our service we may monitor or record our communications with you

Exclusion of Third Party Rights

This plan is for the benefit of the plan holder only and any permitted transferee at our discretion and no rights or benefits will be given to any other third party under the plan. The provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 will not apply

Governing Law and Statutory Rights

We will communicate in English and English Law will apply unless we have agreed otherwise with you

When you buy camping and caravanning equipment you will have various statutory rights that apply to the purchase. These include the right to claim for a repair or replacement for up to six years (five in Scotland) if your goods were not of satisfactory quality or fit for their purpose when they were sold to you

However, after the first six months, you will have to prove that the goods had a fault when sold to you and this may involve having to take legal action against the retailer. In practice, the manufacturer will usually deal with any reliability or quality issues during their guarantee period

Guarantee periods do vary but are usually of one or two years' duration with some manufacturers offering a longer guarantee on parts (but not on labour costs)

Nothing in these conditions will reduce or affect your statutory rights; for further information about your statutory rights contact your local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau

Transferring Your Plan

With our permission you can transfer your plan to a new owner of the equipment by giving us written details of the new owner. Your plan cannot be transferred to any other equipment

Renewing Your Protection Plan

At the end of your protection plan, we may write to you about renewing. Your renewal notice will show the amount to pay. You will need to make payment for the protection plan to continue if eligible. We reserve the right not to offer you a renewal on your plan

Other Providers

You should be aware that extended warranties are available from other high street outlets, insurance companies and other providers. Cover may also be available for limited periods on some appliances from your credit card provider. Some household contents insurance policies offer cover for accidental damage, fire or theft. You may, however, find that an excess is payable and a claim may affect the cost of subsequent insurance premiums

When Can I Buy a Plan?

If you decide not to buy the plan when you buy your equipment, any quote we give you in writing will be available on the same terms and conditions for a further 30 days. Any offers, such as discounts and vouchers, which are linked to the purchase of the plan will also remain available for that period. Under this plan, you have 30 days in which to decide if you want to cancel the plan and receive a full refund

Meeting the obligations under your plan

Camping & Leisure World Limited is the provider of the plan

Customers With Disabilities

We offer a number of services for customers who have disabilities. In particular we can provide this document in large print format. For further information please telephone us on (+44) 01252 316 649

Protection is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the plan

The protection plan is provided by Camping & Leisure World Limited

Registered office: 26 Blackwater Way, Aldershot, Hampshire GU12 4DJ

Registered in England and Wales. Company No. 4231477

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