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Cabanon Barbados Sun Tent Canopy
RRP £254.99
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Cabanon is a French company manufacturing framed camping tents, which are robust, hard-wearing, waterproof and breathable.

For all your outdoor holidays, Cabanon tents can get you as near as possible to nature. The Cabanon tent company invites you to rediscover the fun of camping and the good times to be had under canvas with its durable and comfortable tents and camping trailers.

For every camper, whether interested in camping in a tent or bivouac, the Cabanon tent company can offer quality family-sized canvas camping tents made from cotton or poly-cotton, traditional ridge tents, a range of very high quality camping trailers and very comfortable dome and tunnel-shaped tents and awnings and porches for caravans distributed under the name of Apache by Cabanon.

Well-renowned specialists in camping equipment, The Cabanon Tent Factory can offer on-line sales of a large range of waterproof, resistant tents and camping trailers to provide all the necessary comforts for a successful camping trip. Whether you are looking to buy an igloo tent, a traditional tent, a family-sized one or a folding trailer, the Cabanon Tent Factory will definitely have available the type of tent to meet your needs. In our online shop you can find tents sleeping from 2 to 6 people, including our camping trailers and Apache by Cabanon awnings.

Known historically under the name of CGI camping or Socofim for group tents, the Cabanon Tent Factory still makes all of its tents, camping trailers and awnings at its factory in Dunkerque in Northern France.

The Cabanon Tent Factory also manufactures large tents for hire for members of the HPA (French campsite association), and campsite managers, and specially designed tents for groups and associations (such as Scouts, the Eclaireurs organisation, the Francas groups etc...) for accommodation and logistics for their camps and outdoor trips, or for holding their festivals and events.