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The marvel of Air Tents and Awnings

The marvel of Air Tents and Awnings

Some of you out there will feel passionate about canvas; you have not been seduced by the prospect of glamping nor by the solidity of a van. It is the great outdoors for you, all the way, boosted by the healthy free flow of fresh air while you sleep with nothing but the reassuring zup of a zip between your chosen living quarters and the landscape beyond. However, this proudly purist approach does not mean that you do not openly embrace the new technologies currently enhancing the camping experience and it certainly does not mean that you would turn your back on anything that makes the process of pitching up swifter and a lot less cumbersome!

One such recent innovation is that of the inflatable tent and there is now a very healthy choice of Air Tents to choose from. The design has largely done away with the old technology of steel and fibreglass poles, with Inflatable beams providing shape, structure and strength instead to both tents and awnings. 

For those of you who have already embraced the comfort or four tin walls and want to upgrade your current poled awning to an even easier Caravan or Motorhome extension, you'll have noticed that innovative inflation technology is not restricted to tent-camping: the choice of Air Awnings is equally gratifying! 

Yorkshire Designed Air Tents

Relative new kids on the block, Outdoor Revolution manufacture an extensive range of air tents in their Oxygen Ozone,range. The Ozone 6XT Air Tent, new for 2015 and the largest of the Ozone Tent range at 7.9m in length and 4.2 metres wide, looks set to be one of the most popular models, sleeping 6 people in a versatile design which allows the customer to configure the interior in a variety of ways to suit individual requirements. 

The frame of the Ozone 6XT, dubbed 'The Intelligent Frame', is new for 2015. The tent is structured with 5 Oxygen AirFrame Tubes, the biggest air tube currently on the market and innovates with dynamic speed valves known for their speed and reliability. 

Also new are a series of breather valves, enabling the frame to release excess air once it has reached the correct pressure, preventing over inflation of the structure. Other notable features include the 'Tintz' Tinted windows, reducing glare and increasing privacy, the Vortex Vents, helping to reduce condensation and the inflatable door rain canopy, protecting the tent interior from any adverse weather conditions you may be unfortunate enough to experience. 

As for deflation at the end of your stay, this is achieved through the press of a button. Ahhh.

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 Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Ozone 6XT Air Tent 2015
Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Ozone 6XT Air Tent 2015

Air tents aren't all massive...

Although there are no doubt competitions being fought throughout the land between the owners of colossal mansion-sized air tents, seeing who can be the first to inflate, it's important to remember that inflation technology is also an option for couples and smaller families. Like the Kampa Mersea 4 Inflatable Air Tent, an inflatable version of the popular Kampa Mersea 4. 

The Kampa AirFrame system which structures this tent enables it to be pitched in just minutes, the tubes being easily accessible and incredibly strong once inflated. 

Other notable features of this compact tent include two side doors with secondary mesh panels to provide air-flow for warmer weather and covered ventilation points at the front and rear of the tent to help reduce levels of condensation. 

Ease is high on the Kampa Mersea 4's agenda with theinner tent of this versatile model remaining in-situfor even easier set up and take down and the simple but effective measure of providing a slightly oversized tent bag to make packing away that bit easier.

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 Kampa Mersea 4 Inflatable Air Tent 2015
Kampa Mersea 4 Inflatable Air Tent 2015

Caravan Air Awnings

Inflation technology isn't unique to tents, of course, with all the serious contenders competing to design and manufacture the most versatile and best-value air awnings for both caravans and motorhomes too. 

Weighing in at only 24kg, the Kampa Rally Ace 400 Air Awning 2015 offers style as well as functionality, with shaped front panels providing additional interior space and lend the awning a sculpted appearance: a proud addition to any caravan.

The large panoramic windows provide a fabulous view from inside the awning; the skylights above allow sunlight to flood in during the day and provide a window on the stars at night. 

For privacy, the awning comes complete with curtains at every window, each on an easy run track. Throwing open this caravan extension to the great outdoors couldn't be simpler either as all five panels can be zipped out or lowered from the top to create a 'veranda' effect.

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 Kampa Rally Ace 400 Air Awning 2015
Kampa Rally Ace 400 Air Awning 2015

Drive-away Air Awnings

Air technology has also influenced the design and manufacturing of Drive Away awnings for Motorhomes and there is now a great choice of Drive Away Air Awnings on the market. The strength of the air beams within the awning structure ensures that it is self-supporting, attaching to the motorhome's awning rail, much as with traditional pole-structured awnings. 

As well as all of the obvious benefits of a driveaway awning, an air awning offers a welcome reduction in weight for those motorhome drivers with an close eye on payload. 

Take the Outwell Hollywood Freeway Air Awning 2015 Smart Air, weighing in at only 20.1kg. This drive away awning uses the Outwell Smart Air concept for simple, fast pitching in a matter of a minute.

Stylishly understated, this awning has a number of features that ensure that it is durable as well as practical: pre-attached luminous guylines providing secure pitching, even when the vehicle is away; heavy duty zips and reinforcement patches on all stress points; a fully seamed fly sheet for maximum protection from the elements.

 Outwell Hollywood Freeway Air Awning 2015 Smart Air
Outwell Hollywood Freeway Air Awning 2015 Smart Air

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Imagine the ease...

The approach is simple and is likely to be mostly familiar: take the tent out of its bag and peg out the corners, inflate the tent and then peg out the guy lines. The only missing components are the heavy, often cumbersome poles. 

The inflation part is childs play, quite literally: Youtube is awash with videos of families setting the kids to work while Mum and Dad sit back and watch their canvas home take shape: welcome apparitions rising swiftly from the grass after long journeys to the campsite. 

If you envisage yourself huffing and puffing away for hours, puce-faced and floppy, feel reassured that the experience of erecting an air tent or awning is nothing like that of tackling the paddling pools of old.

Many of the air beam tents currently available are supplied with double-action pumps and can be inflated in under 3 minutes, with campers competing with one another on sites across the nation to be sat with a cuppa (or beer) in hand before anyone else on the site. (You might find it shocking to hear an admission that campers have the odd competitive bone in their body, but at Camping World we are brave enough to just say it!

 Outwell Corvette L Tent 2015 Air Collection
Outwell Corvette L Tent 2015 Air Collection
Tempted? Even more tempting are Camping World's Air Tent Package Deals, highly competitive packages comprising the tent itself, the carpet for the living area plus the footprint groundsheet. These great value packages are not restricted to tent-campers, either: Air Awning Package Deals.