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Outwell Roll Mats

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Outwell Sleepin Single Self Inflating Mat 2015 Anniversary
Outwell Cimelia Double Mat Sleep System 2015
Outwell Dreamcatcher Double Self Inflating Mat
RRP £19.99
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RRP £169.99
Save 6%
RRP £69.99
Save 29%
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Outwell Cimelia Mat Sleep System 2015
Outwell Batboy Self Inflating Mat
Outwell Cubitura Mat Sleep System 2015
RRP £99.99
Save 30%
RRP £26.99
Save 7%
RRP £64.99
Save 23%
Outwell Dreamcatcher Single Self Inflating Mat
Outwell Cubitura Double Mat Sleep System 2015
Outwell Sleepin Double 3.0 cm Self Inflating Mat
RRP £39.99
Save 25%
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RRP £109.99
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RRP £39.99
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Outwell Butterfly Girl Self Inflating Mat
Outwell Deepsleep Single Self Inflating Mat 2015
Outwell Dreamcatcher Microfibre Cover
RRP £26.99
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RRP £89.99
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RRP £21.99
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Outwell Dreamcatcher Stretch Sheets
RRP £15.99
Save 25%

For the last 20 years Outwell have consistently offered the biggest commitment to innovation in the camping sector, and the 2015 season is no different.

It takes something special to be first in the field and receive awards for outstanding products year after year.

Our reputation and success stems from our strong family ethos and a desire to inspire families to enjoy outdoor living. As campers ourselves our passion drives us to produce the finest, market-leading camping products, which are based on bold and functional ideas derived from our own expertise gained under canvas. 

Innovation, functionality, quality and design are the cornerstones that support our product development. With our strong research and development team, our technical insight into materials and production methods, and our familiarity with camping life, we have repeatedly brought innovative and benchmark features and products to the market. Uniquely, we also benefit from feedback provided by campers – including people we meet on campsites and at events, our Facebook-followers, website community and carefully selected Outwell Test Families. 

Outwell’s pedigree is very much one of firsts – and in order to produce great products we also had to create a comprehensive test program. This involves laboratory tests as well as wind and rain testing rigs at our factories and at our Danish headquarters, where the facilities are often used by the European outdoors media. And for nearly two decades we have maintained offices in the Far East to guarantee our products are manufactured to the highest quality. Members of our Far East staff also ensure that our tents are checked for defects and flaws before they are packed. Such quality control is truly first in the field and remains unique to Outwell. 

Of course, while campers benefit from strict manufacturing quality control more obvious firsts are our tents’ innovative features such as our now-famous luminous guylines, sewn-in groundsheets, carpets, skylight windows and much more. We have also been able to put our name to key innovations such as the Outwell Wind Stabilizer System, for optimal storm protection, and the Outwell Easy Pegging System, a simple way make pitching easy and adding to stability. 

We never stop striving to improve. Who else but Outwell could have come up with the super-cool Kids Room inner tents, games wall for hours of fun, One-go Inflation Technology and a comprehensive selection of chic, practical camping products that provide a home-from-home camping experience second to none? 

That’s Outwell. Often imitated, never bettered!